Origins of COVID-19

On March 26, 2018, President Trump appointed Dr. Robert R. Redfield to the post of Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). From 1977 to 1996, Dr. Redfield had served as an Army physician and medical researcher at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. For a time, he held the post of Chief of the Department of Retroviral Research and retired from the Army at the rank of Colonel.

In 1996, he co-founded the Institute of Human Virology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. While at U of M, he was a tenured professor of medicine, microbiology, and immunology, while also serving as Director of Clinical Care and Research, Chief of Infectious Disease, and Vice Chair of Medicine.

In 2018, he accepted the post of Director of the CDC from President Trump. In that capacity, he served as a member of the White House’s Coronavirus Task Force throughout the first year of the COVID-19 outbreak and oversaw the CDC’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic from the earliest days of its spread.

Given Redfield’s outstanding credentials, it is astonishing that one of Biden’s first acts as POTUS was to replace him with Dr. Rochelle Walensky. While Walensky had an impressive resumé, she has had nowhere near the length nor breadth of experience that Redfield has had, nor was she intimately involved at the White House during the first year of the pandemic.

One might suppose that Biden just wanted to clear all of Trump’s people out and replace them with his own people. It is therefore telling that on the same day that he booted Redfield, he elevated Anthony Fauci to the post of Chief Medical Advisor to the President. Keep in mind that the ChiComs own Joe Biden and that Tony Fauci has been outed as having funded and lied about the gain-of-function research at Wuhan that resulted in the SARS-CoV-2 virus. We also now have evidence that an April 2020 paper Fauci cited as proof that the virus’s mutations were “consistent with a jump of a species from an animal to a human” had been prompted by Fauci, who also had final approval of it before publication.

On March 8, 2023, Dr. Robert R. Redfield testified before the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis. During his testimony, Redfield talked about how Fauci had actively excluded and/or silenced anyone who failed to embrace the natural mutations theory that, conveniently, got him and the ChiComs off the hook for creating a bioweapon of mass destruction. Redfield’s commitment to finding the truth got him excluded from meetings and decisions. “This was an a priori decision that there’s one point of view that we’re going to put out there, and anyone who doesn’t agree with it is going to be sidelined. And as I say, I was only the CDC director, and I was sidelined,” Redfield said.

On his first day in office, Biden performed another telling staff change. At the height of the pandemic, Biden replaced Dr. Deborah Birx with Jeffrey Zients. In addition to playing a prominent role on Trump’s COVID-19 team, Dr. Birx had had a long history in the fields of vaccine research and global health. Zients, by contrast, was the CEO of an investment firm and a member of Facebook’s board of directors. It’s like a race car driver deciding, in mid-race, to swap out his Formula One race car for a Toyota Corolla.

Given his lack of medical expertise, Zients’ close connection to Facebook should be waving red flags for all y’all. We who were paying attention saw from the get go how the Wrongs censored medical professionals about the lab leak theory, about the effectiveness of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, about the value of natural immunity, about the importance of early treatment, and about the long, long list of unknowns and dangers associated with the experimental mRNA technology.

Redfield himself was condemned as a racist and canceled for saying he believed in the lab leak theory. And, at last month’s House Oversight Committee hearing, a former Twitter executive who was asked why they had presumed to censor COVID-19 vaccine information from respected medical sources, admitted they had done it at the behest of the government. CLICK

In addition to trying to force us to believe the virus occurred by accident in a wet market, the ChiComs and their collaborators like Anthony Fauci and Joe Biden pushed what appears to be a false narrative about the timing of the outbreak. This matters given how China responded to initial cases by not stopping people from traveling out of Wuhan! It very much appears that it accidentally leaked months before they were willing to admit to it and that, once it had leaked, they actively encouraged it to spread outside its borders while aggressively (and ineffectively) attempting to squash it inside its borders.

In January 2021, Science Direct published data showing that the SARS-CoV-2 virus was circulating in northern Italy in December 2019. In the following video, a foreign student studying in Wuhan told the reporter (at about 3:49) that there had been “an outbreak of pneumonia” in Wuhan in September 2019. The government said it was just the onset of winter, no worries. (I was not aware that pneumonia outbreaks preceded winter. I thought they were the result of winter.) The student then says there was another outbreak in November and that, by Christmas, people understood that there was an epidemic that the ChiComs worked frantically to hide.

During his testimony before the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus crisis, Dr. Redfield noted three events that point to the virus not only leaked from the lab, but that it was out and about months before the ChiComs were willing to admit. CLICK [:49] to hear Redfield say, “In Sept. 2019, three things happened in that lab. One is they deleted the sequences. Highly irregular, researchers don’t like to do that. The second thing is they changed the command and control from civilian to military. Highly unusual. The third, which is very telling, is they let a contractor redo the ventilation system in that laboratory. Clearly, there was strong evidence that a significant event happened in that laboratory in September.

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