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FDA: The gummint agency entrusted with keeping We the People safe from charlatan medicines said it would take them 23.5 years … YEARS … to make the ‘rona jab data public. Cuz, why? Is there just so much of it that they can’t wade through it all? That seems unlikely, given that they claimed to have used said data to carefully decide the mRNA serums were SAFE. On May 9, a federal judge in Texas ordered the FDA to get this stuff released by mid-2025.

FED NOW: “The Federal Reserve announced that the FedNow Service will start operating in July and provided details on preparations for launch.” – March 15, 2023. CLICK for details. Digital currency is the first step toward implementing the Mark of the Beast. IOW, Jesus is coming soon.

GLOBAL ELITES: CLICK to hear their agenda laid out in simple terms.

PRO-ABORTS: [8:58] – Somebody dumped the bloodless, decapitated corpses of three animals outside the pro-life JMJ Pregnancy Center in Orlando, Florida. The Catholic-based organization also had a priest come to exorcise the site. The animals found were a lamb, a chicken, and what appears to have been a male silver pheasant with its tail ripped off.

The lamb, which seems to be an obvious reference to Jesus Christ, was badly mutilated. I googled and found that pheasants have long been considered symbols of passion and sexuality. The males use their extravagant tails to attract mates, suggesting somebody ripped the tail off this one to express some hatred for the men who get women pregnant.

More googling uncovered that chickens have lots of symbolism attached to them. Their regular and loud cries at daybreak cause them to be “revered for being the connection between the darkness of the underworld and the light of the heavens.” Their cries and aggressive behaviors are also associated with making your own voice heard.

TRUMP: CLICK has always been a terrible racist.

VAXXX: A new analysis reveals the mRNA “vaccines” that Pfizer and Moderna produced to “save” us from COVID-19 had NO impact on overall mortality. The numbers of people the jab fans cite who did not die from COVID-19 were made up for by people the jab killed. Since excess deaths continue to climb, the totals will clearly show the mRNA serums are far more deadly than they are helpful. And, while not based on the mRNA technology, the Johnson & Johnson jab also had no overall effect on mortality.

GRAMMY NOTES: Please pray for this situation to resolve in God’s perfect way. I have been bleeding internally since April 11, had a gastro intake appointment on May 12 at which point they assured me I would be scheduled for upper and lower GI endoscopies asap. I haven’t heard back, so I tried calling and got a machine telling me they’re just so very busy, they will call me back within two days. The procedure has a five day prep time and I’m still losing blood. My May 2 blood draw showed my ferritin was down to 8.1. Low end of normal is 11.


CLICK for another dose of R*CKST*R.


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  1. 💖chrissy

    This morning, Daughter played guitar and sang this Sam Cooke song to her mom. Had never heard it before.

    And while she was pushing her way through
    Someone asked her, what are you trying to do?
    She said, if I could just touch the hem of his garment
    I know I’ll be made whole

    Matthew 9:20-22 —”thy faith hath made thee whole”

    Mark 9:24 — “Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief”

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