Grooming Our Kids

My niece is an educator and a mom. She told me that her mentors say that kids shouldn’t be exposed to sexual material until they are old enough to be having sexual feelings. Makes sense to me. Not only are these school and public libraries making pornographic materials readily available to kids who aren’t ready, but the books they choose all seem to push the immoral message that any kind of sex (auto, homo, hetero) is A-OK, cuz it’s just about having fun.

The following school board clips were all posted within the past two weeks. They are not the only ones I saw, but I decided to stick to one per state.

CALIFORNIA: Redlands Unified School District is near San Bernardino, east of Los Angeles [3:36] – What she says about her daughter breaks my heart. As for the book she tries to read from … it is so blatantly pornographic that I was offended. The board stopped her, because it was “inappropriate” for her to read at an open meeting. But it’s on the shelves of the public school’s library and she and others have been trying for months, without success, to get rid of it. I found an online pdf version of the book, Push, at the link below. If you’ve got a good quantity of eye bleach, I recommend you at least skim the first few pages. Personally, I can see this being useful for college students studying for certification as social workers or clinical psychologists. But as casual reading for high school students? Why?

MICHIGAN: “Let’s Talk About It” is a sexually explicit, graphic novel recommended for ages 14-17, kids who are prime candidates for adult groomers. [4:42] – A one-star reviewer on Amazon wrote that the book never suggests talking to parents about these issues, but recommends instead researching fantasies and kinks on the internet and going to porn sites for a “sugary treat,” while never warning about predators who want to molest or do violence to vulnerable minors.

Note that it was YouTube that slapped the age restriction on this video, not the poster. If you watch all the videos, you’ll note that the speaker did not read any explicit text, which speakers did in the other videos that did not get age restricted. So was it the speaker’s accusing the people who make these books available of offending God and/or offering to pray for their repentance and conversion that got YouTube’s “community standards” police panties in a bunch? I’m inclined to think so.

MOMS FOR LIBERTY: CLICK to hear an excerpt from “My Body is Growing”, which is recommended for ages 4 to 8.

NORTH CAROLINA: “Shine” is recommended for ages 13 and up. [3:07] – Reviews of this book say it bashes inhabitants of small towns as rapists and drug users.

TENNESSEE: [3:38] – At Amazon, a one star reviewer of “It’s Perfectly Normal: Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex, Gender, and Sexual Health” wrote that the book presents hetero- and homo-sex as if they are a platter people can try out and posted the following illustration from the book. She also wrote that the book talks about how “sex happens when 2 people are attracted to each other and they MAY have loving feelings for each other.” It’s recommended for ten and up.

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  1. In other news, experts are predicting an imminent shortage of millstones.

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