Unfit to Serve

TEN WEEK ABSENCE: On Tuesday, May 9, 2023, Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) returned from a ten-week absence due to shingles.

On Tuesday, May 16, 2023, a reporter asked her if her colleagues had welcomed her back after her absence. She replied, “I haven’t been gone. I’ve been working.”

The reporter attempted to clarify, asking, “You’ve been working from home is what you’re saying?

Feinstein said, “No, I’ve been here. I’ve been voting. Please, either know or don’t know,” bringing the interview to an abrupt end.

Feinstein will turn 90 on June 22, 2023.

NINE WEEK ABSENCE: John Fetterman suffered a stroke on May 13; a few days later, he had a pacemaker with a defibrillator installed. His senatorial campaign apparatus claimed he suffered no cognitive damage, but after he returned to the campaign trail, it became painfully obvious that this was a lie. Nevertheless, anyone who questioned his ability to serve was shouted down as a dirty “able-ist” and the voters of Pennsylvania (allegedly) handed him a Senate seat. (N.b., Pennsylvania is renowned for having a Demo-corrupt election machine.) So far as I know, they never did explain the neck lump that they tried to hide with hoodies and absurd collars.

On January 3, 2023, Fetterman took office. On February 10, he was hospitalized for two days for syncope (lightheadedness), then just two days after he was released, he checked himself into Walter Reed’s psych unit for severe depression. Until he returned to work on April 17, he lived at and worked from the hospital, going to far as to co-sponsor a bill. Following his nine-week absence, he has repeatedly demonstrated signs of cognitive dysfunction.

CLICK https://twitter.com/CollinRugg/status/1658520911044292608 [1:39] to hear Stroke Boy fumble through a Senate hearing. “Is. Is it staggering? Is it a staggering a res uh responsibility that ju that a head of a bank could literally could literally crash our economy? It’s astonishing. That’s like if you have I mean like uh uh and and they also realizes that that that now they have it’s in-, in- guaranteed, a guaranteed way to be saved again by a no matter, by no mat, by, by how? You know, so it’s, it’s, you know isn’t it appropriate that the uh that those kind of controls should be were stricter? To prevent this kind of thing from willing? Or should we just go on start bailing and sailing whoever bank regardless of how, how raaaare rare theirs their conduct is? Who you know I’ll give you an example. Uh, the republicans want to give a work requirement for SNAP. You know for a uh uh uh uh a hungry family has to have these this kind of penalties or these some kinds of wooooord or working uh require shouldn’t you have some kind of working required suu after we sail your bank uh billions of your bank? Because you seem we were preoccupied uh when uh then SNAP uh requirements for works for uh hungry people but not about pro, protecting the tax, tax papers you know that will bail them out of whatever does about a bank to crash it. ::shrugs::

Dems commenting on the clip claimed Fetterman was easy to understand and that anyone who feels he is unfit for office is a disgusting ableist. But a Washington Post jerknalist apparently felt he had not been easy to understand and reported the response as shown above. Note, he was lambasted for lying and deleted the post … but not before somebody took a screenshot of it.

I recall these same people screaming for Trump to be removed from office for mental health reasons. When I googled, the following news items popped.

Sept. 8, 2017: Vice – Trump’s Brain and the 25th Amendment: Eight experts gathered to discuss POTUS’s mental situation.”

Oct. 16, 2017: New Yorker – A group called Duty to Warn claims that President Trump should be removed via the 25th Amendment because he allegedly “suffers from an incurable malignant narcissism that makes him incapable of carrying out his presidential duties and poses a danger to the nation. … On Saturday, the organization held coördinated kickoff events in fourteen cities, where mental-health experts spoke out about Trump’s dangerousness and, in several, took to the streets in organized funereal marches, complete with drum corps.”

Oct. 18, 2017: NBC – “The 25th Amendment Proves Why Trump’s Mental Health Matters

Is America today in need of an unprecedented constitutional intervention?

Jan. 3, 2018: Politico – “Lawmakers concerned about President Donald Trump’s mental state summoned Yale University psychiatry professor Dr. Bandy X. Lee to Capitol Hill last month for two days of briefings about his recent behavior. … Her professional warning to Capitol Hill: ‘He’s going to unravel, and we are seeing the signs.”

Feb 18, 2019: Vox – “If the vice president and the Cabinet conclude a president is unwell, they can legally do something about it.”

Oct. 7, 2020: Psychology Today – Brian Kalt, the legal scholar and author of Unable, said he thinks “a COVID-induced delirium, in which the president is grossly disoriented and loses touch with reality would likely be a valid basis for invoking the amendment” The article also suggested that Trump could be suffering from dementia or mania that could lead him to order a nuclear strike.

Nov. 20, 2020: USA Today – “Trump history and behavior suggest destructive mental processes that put America at risk.

Jan. 7, 2021: NPR – Invoking the 24th Amendment to get rid of Trump has been “a frequent topic throughout the Trump presidency.”

Jan. 8, 2021: Newsweek – “A team of Washington, D.C.-licensed psychiatrists and the president of an organization of mental health professionals … are submitting documents to Congress calling for the commander-in-chief to be psychiatrically assessed.”

Jan. 9, 2021: LA Times – “Could Trump have a reality-distorting mental condition?


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