The Durham Report

Special Counsel John Durham’s 3-year investigation has finally concluded. You can access it here:

In short, the report says the Wrongs knowingly conspired to obstruct Trump’s Presidency and then attempted to get him removed from office. Nooooooooooooo … really?

Durham concluded that the FBI failed to uphold its “important mission of strict fidelity to the law”, but did not recommend any changes, but rather a renewed fidelity to the guidelines and policies that are already in place.

Prominent legal scholar Alan Dershowitz said, “I think it reveals that Americans are right to distrust the government—even civil servants people in the government. … These people should have known better. And they didn’t use their intelligence. They didn’t use their thoughtfulness, because they were so determined to get Trump, they were prepared to sign on to something which they never would have signed on to, had the shoe been on the other foot.”

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