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GRAMMY NOTES: Thank you all for your prayers!! I just woke up from a 3 hr nap and am eagerly awaiting DINNER!!!!  Everything went well. I got the vile prep down both times without barfing, tolerated the anesthesia well, and had wonderful staff. And, best of all, Holy Spirit delayed one of my Mother’s Day cards; it was in our box as we left, so I read it in the waiting room and HOWLED!! It was so perfect LOLOLOL. The front has a wine bottle and corkscrew on it that literally dance and play “If you’re happy and you know it “; on the inside, it says  “DON’T FORGET THE HAPPY JUICE.” I mean …. bwahahahahahah!!!!!

My tummy is showing some inflammation, probably from daily Ibuprofen, so I need to try to cut back if possible; the doc removed one “mild” polyp that went to biopsy; he also noted several internal hemorrhoids that might be responsible for bleeding (which stopped on its own a couple of days ago). He’s going to follow up with a surgeon and make sure I have a referral to get them all taken care of. And I now know I tolerate versed and fentanyl anesthesia; I don’t remember a darned thing LOL.

EDUCATION: Two examples of why kids are better off being home schooled – CLICK to see a student abuse a teacher who does nothing about it.
CLICK to see how little graduates know.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Anheuser-Busch jumped on the woke bandwagon, got slammed by conservative boycotts, then tried to jump off and got slammed by liberal boycotts. The brand’s weekly declines have started to settle into the -20% range. When your sales are in the billions, twenty percent is a staggering chunk of change.

TARGET: CLICK to hear why you should keep you and your loved ones out of Target!


CLICK for more Jeff and Peanut.

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