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ADIDAS: The photo above is from Adidas’ “Let Love Be Your Legacy collection” celebrating Pride Month. Like Nike, Adidas is only featuring male models wearing female gear, leaving former NCAA women’s swim star Riley Gaines to tweet, “I don’t understand why companies are voluntarily doing this to themselves. They could have at least said the suit is ‘unisex,’ but they didn’t because it’s about erasing women. Ever wondered why we hardly see this go the other way?” 

GENOCIDE: If you spend time listening to the Left, you’ll hear that trannies (people whose gender identities do not correspond with their biological sex) are being intentionally killed in large numbers. It’s the opposite of true. In 2020, 44 members of the U.S. trans community were murdered. In 2022, that number dropped to 32 … despite the total percentage of trannies having gone up.

HARKLES: CLICK to hear the latest from the Toxic Narcissist and Her Husband Formerly Known As Prince.

The New York Post wrote that nobody in NYC noticed the supposed two-hour ‘near catastrophic’ high-speed car chase by ‘a ring of highly aggressive paparazzi.’  

The NYPD said, “There were no reported collisions, summonses, injuries, or arrests in regard.”

The Harkles are suffering relevance deprivation syndrome and a bad case of jealousy after Princess Kate and Prince William shone at the Coronation.” – Miranda Devine

NEW YUCK CITY: Last week, Mayor Adams applied to the courts to have the sanctuary city law revoked. “The law of sanctuary city was in place long before I became mayor. We are now in court now, today, asking the judge to revisit this law to deal with this humanitarian crisis because, even when they decided to put in place that law, no one thought they would be dealing with a humanitarian crisis of this proportion.” TRANSLATION: “We were just virtue signaling. We never meant to actually do anything about the problem.”

SAN FRANCISCO: The city is paying $55K to sponsor this program.

TRANS: CLICK [2:58] to hear how revision surgery ruined these four men’s lives. “Revision surgery is any surgery that is performed to change a person’s physical appearance and functional abilities to match their gender identity.”

GRAMMY NOTES: I made this little movie about the day in 2005 when my blind angelfish first learned how to navigate his new tank. CLICK

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