Mythbusting: Big Media Lies

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These three graphics are about stories the big media has messed up badly. I did them in part because I have a commitment to the truth, but also because they demonstrate that the MSM griping about some alleged need for government to control misinformation on the internet is a question of the pot calling the kettle black.


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4 responses to “Mythbusting: Big Media Lies

  1. Chrissy, I smell a new series for you 😀 These were great examples of our lamestream media. And yes, the AP ran the Obama headline, but it was a conservative site that corrected it. (Hot Air).


    • Ting

      Yes, Denise. This would be a good series for Chrissy’s talents. These are great and I did not know any of the three, to be honest. That is what I love about sites like these – learning so much new stuff, without having to work too hard to find everything out. Thanks to all for the education.


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