Do Democrats do ANY work?

Rand Paul gave a scathing rebuke to the Democrat-majority Senate on Friday for not giving anyone time to read the bills they bring up for vote.

As evidence, he held up a 600-page bill they’d gotten that same morning and were going to vote on in 30 minutes!

The Senate’s own rules say that bills have to be posted online for at least 48 hours before being voted on, but this 600-page violation had stuff that had been stuck into it the night before that had nothing to do with the bill itself!

Paul announced he had presented a bill to Congress that says legislators should read the bills before we pass them.

Somebody has to place a bill before Congress saying that Congress should DO ITS JOB?

No wonder their approval rating is in the toilet!

Paul also reminded everyone that the Democrat leadership has not produced a budget in three years. That’s also against the rules.

They bitch about how “obstructionist” Republicans are, but even when Republicans wrote a budget FOR them, they refused to vote on it.

Senator Paul was definitely frustrated as he asked,

“How are we going to get to compromise if they don’t show up for work? How are we going to get anything done if they don’t obey their own rules?”

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As for their fearless leader …

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    Cuz BD posted this video of a colleague of his, under the heading “My Colleague Mr. Small Has Had About All the Hope and Change He Can Stand”


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