BREAKING: Terror attack on Jewish synagogue

2014_11 18 Terror attack on Jerusalem synagogue

  • Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who warned of a “harsh response,” ordered the demolition of the homes of the two Palestinians who carried out the attack.
  • U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said he spoke to Netanyahu after the assault and denounced it as an “act of pure terror and senseless brutality and violence.”
  • A small militant group calling itself the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine said the terrorists were members.
  • Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas condemned the attack, the first time he has done so since a recent spike in deadly violence against Israelis. He also called for an end to Israeli “provocations.”
  • Hamas, the militant Palestinian group that runs the Gaza Strip, praised the attack. In Gaza, dozens took to the streets to celebrate, with some offering trays full of candy.

2014_11 18 Palestinians celebrate

CtH: I think Dennis Prager summed all this up very neatly. The best bit starts at 4:00.

The Middle East Problem by Dennis Prager [5:39]

6 million Jews pose no threat to Muslims



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