Not a news story

Q. How is Ted Cruz having a beer 28 years ago a news story?  
A. When it’s the best the Left Stream Media can come up with to diss a popular conservative leader.

2015_01 14 Cruz story Yawn

Other crimes cited by tweeters:

  • Saying “under God” while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • Waving the American Flag! Yes, he does that!
  • Sounding more presidential than the president.
  • Speaking without a TelePrompter.
  • Being a minority off the Democrat plantation.
  • Living rent-free in the heads of Progs.

The “Oh wait” list:

  • Left Americans to die oversees for political gaming…lied…got amnesia … Oh wait, that was Hillary Clinton.
  • Bought guns for Mexican cartel with Taxpayer money then lied when caught … Oh wait, that was Eric Holder.
  • Pleaded guilty to wire and mail fraud and misuse of campaign funds … Oh wait, that was Jesse Jackson, Jr.

2015_01 14 Cruz story BHO toking

2015_01 14 Cruz Story Two Teds



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2 responses to “Not a news story

  1. If that’s the best they can come up with, I’m inclined to think Cruz must be pretty squeaky clean. Remember how desperately they tried to dig up dirt on Dan Quayle, and the best they could come up with was his less-than-stellar spelling skills? (And even that was a lie, but let it go.) This is pretty close to being as trivial as that, which is good news for Cruz — at least until they discover an unpaid parking ticket from when he was in college, or maybe an overdue library book from when he was in sixth grade.

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