A Big Night for Democrats

Virginia had been turning blue for a very long time, pushed by the northern suburbs that are actually part of the corrupt DC swamp. The most affluent counties in the country are located there. I get the sense that after tens of millions of dollars, some of the filthiest tactics imaginable, and finally getting a win after a series of stinging defeats, they will consider this validation for their non-stop assault on President Trump and everything he stands for. Their bed partners, the Enslaved Press have spearheaded the attacks ever since election day last year. They will continue the ham-handed beatdown of all that is right with this country. The GOP better take notice.

Democrats End Losing Streak
Ralph Northam holds on to become Virginia’s next governor
The win comes after a long string of defeats for Democrats that followed their crushing losses last November, when Republicans maintained control of both chambers of Congress and took the presidency.
The win further solidifies Virginia as a blue state: Democrats there have now won two straight gubernatorial elections, carried the state in three straight presidential elections, and have held both the state’s Senate seats since 2009. In 2016, failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton carried Virginia by five points.
For Gillespie, this is the second defeat in a statewide Virginia election in just three years—he unsuccessfully challenged incumbent Democratic Sen. Mark Warner in 2014, losing by a small margin.

Democrat Phil Murphy Wins New Jersey Governor’s Race
Democratic candidate Phil Murphy beat Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno (R.) on Tuesday night in the race to replace term-limited Gov. Chris Christie (R.).
Murphy morphed from a Goldman Sachs executive to a diehard progressive, campaigning for a $15 minimum wage, the legalization of marijuana, and standing against President Donald Trump, the New York Times reports.
In his pitch, Murphy told voters that New Jersey is “broken” and needs higher taxes on the wealthy.

New Jersey winner: Victory sends a message to Trump
New Jersey’s next governor, Democrat Phil Murphy, says his party’s victory sends a message to President Donald Trump that the county is “better” than his politics of division.
Northam said in his victory speech that the eyes of the nation were on Virginia on Election Tuesday.
“Virginia has told us to end the divisiveness, that we do not condone hatred and bigotry,” he added. “In Virginia, it is going to take a doctor to heal our differences. I’m here to let you know the doctor is in. And this doctor will be on call the next four years.”
Northam also praised the state’s growing diversity and said he would work to make the state more inclusive. “Our lights will be on, our doors will be open,” he said.

De Blasio Wins Another 4 Years As NYC Mayor
During the campaign, other major progressive figures threw their weight behind de Blasio. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders endorsed him as candidate, as well as Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.
“Everything that Mayor de Blasio is trying to do is exactly the opposite of what Donald Trump is trying to do,” Sanders said previously. “This mayor is leading the city in a way to bring us together.”

National Donations Help Transgender Win Statehouse Race in Virginia
Transgender activists spent $60 per vote in Virginia to defeat conservative Delegate Bob Marshall.
Danica Roem, a man living as a woman, got 10,800 votes in Manassas Park City and Prince William County after spending more than $600,000 in direct donations — mostly from transgender political groups — and getting plenty of support from local media. Thirteen-term Marshall’s campaign was largely ignored by business donors, such as the local Chamber of Commerce. The lack of funding made it difficult for Marshall to highlight Roem’s radical agenda, which includes pushing the transgender ideology in kindergartens

Laura Ingraham on Ed Gillespie: If You Try to Be Half-In Half-Out with Trump – You End Up Political Road Kill
Laura Ingraham hammered Ed Gillespie after his loss Tuesday in the Virginia gubernatorial race.
Gillespie tried to play both sides of the GOP pro-Trump and Party elite — And lost… BIGLY.
Laura Ingraham: Remember last night, what did I say? My book, “Billionaire at the Barricades Populist Revolution from Reagan to Trump,” I made this point really consistently that there is no middle ground with conservative populism. That is the wave of the future. That there is no constituency for open borders, open markets, and endless military interventionalism.

Dem Wins in Virginia, New Jersey: Not a Repudiation of Trump, but a Warning
Pundits are calling Tuesday’s results a repudiation of Trump. That is more than a stretch: it is flatly contradicted by some of the data. Republican Jill Vogel, running for Lieutenant Governor in Virginia, hitched herself to Trump and out-performed the GOP establishment candidate at the top of the ticket, Ed Gillespie, by tens of thousands of votes.
It would be more accurate to point out that, once again, the Republican establishment came up short. Someone in the Gillespie campaign actually thought it would be a good idea to campaign with Condoleezza Rice — who, for all her merits, is a relic of the George W. Bush administration. Gillespie belatedly embraced Trump supporters, but it seems clear from local results that there were more than a few conservatives who were reluctant to be seduced. A late conversion might have been possible for another candidate, but not one who had already run and lost statewide.

Democrat ‘Not Excited’ to Vote Northam: ‘Purely a Vote for the Democratic Party’

NeverTrump ‘Republicans’ Gloat over Democrat Victory in Virginia
The small but vocal contingent of “NeverTrump” Republicans — those who swore never to vote for Donald Trump in the 2016 election, even if that meant handing the country to Hillary Clinton and the Democrats — were exuberant Tuesday night, as Republican gubernatorial candidates went down to defeat in New Jersey and Virginia.
It was the first “victory” for NeverTrump, who cast Tuesday’s result as a vindication of their warnings about Trump.


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    This is an excellent write-up of the Virginia election. Are you sure you don’t have a second home here? You understand as well as anybody who lives here!


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