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After Tuesday night’s results my first inclination was to just ignore things for a few days. Then I look at the stats and see that there are still a few of you who actually come here even when Chrissy hasn’t posted anything. I enjoy doing this, but as it is in life, there are good days and bad days. Your only hope is that the good outnumber the bad. I’ve seen a few facts about the race Tuesday night I will attempt to synopsize (I don’t really care if that’s a word, it just sounded good). There’s no rhyme or reason to my rants…never has been. I’m not a professional writer. I’m not a professional anything unless being a pain in the ass counts. I don’t really mean to be, but I’m really good at it.

‘You Gotta Give the Devil Its Due’: Bannon Praises DNC’s ‘Ground Game’ in Alabama
“The DNC came in here — slipped in here — underneath the radar and did an amazing job of organizing — what’s my favorite word — ground game,” Bannon said.
He suggested that Democrats outworked Republicans and were able to drive voter turnout.

GOP’s Shelby played key role in Alabama Democrat’s victory
Shelby, Alabama’s senior senator and the state’s most influential official, publicly opposed GOP nominee Roy Moore and declared before the election that “the state of Alabama deserves better” than a former judge accused of sexual contact with teenage girls decades ago.
A former Democrat, Shelby, 83, announced weeks before the election that he had already cast an absentee ballot for another, unspecified Republican, even as President Donald Trump and other prominent state Republicans stood up for Moore.

Tammy Bruce: Republican Establishment Wants To Lose Senate Majority So Trump’s Agenda Fails
Conservative commentator Tammy Bruce, in a discussion about Alabama Republican candidate for Senate Roy Moore, said the Republican establishment want the party to lose the majority in the Senate so the Trump agenda fails. Bruce cited Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL), who announced he did not vote for Moore, and Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ), who donated to the Democratic candidate Doug Jones, as examples.
“This is a test for the president,” Bruce said Tuesday on FOX News’ Hannity. “I think what you’ve seen with Shelby going against it. Jeff Flake, giving money to this guy. I think the Republicans in the Senate want to lose the Senate. I think they want the president’s agenda to fail and the only way to really achieve that is to suddenly become the minority.”
“Tammy, that is a profound, a deeply troubling thing you just said,” host Sean Hannity said.

She may be spot on. The Republican elites care nothing for being in the majority. If they did, they’d have helped the president with his agenda. All they care about is getting their share of the money. It’s far easier to sit back and make false claims about what you would do if you had the power than to actually do it.
Spin it any way you want…now the Dems can’t hold Moore over every Republican next year.
Jones can’t win the general in 2020.
The democrats got one of the heaviest black turnouts ever. They also offered cash for votes. Heavily black Montgomery County waited until all the other counties had reported before they released their totals.
Some of you may remember the close presidential race in 1960 between John Kennedy and Richard Nixon. Nixon was leading, but Mayor Daley was withholding the totals from Cook County. Whoever won Illinois won the election. He waited to see how many votes they needed to steal the election. That’s where the legend of the dead voter came from. They succeeded and the rest, as they say, is history. They’ve been getting away with it for decades and will continue to because they pay absolutely no price for it.

Trump: I Was Right About the Alabama Senate Race
But the president, who backed Moore’s primary opponent Luther Strange, wasn’t done commenting on the race, tweeting Wednesday:
“The reason I originally endorsed Luther Strange (and his numbers went up mightily), is that I said Roy Moore will not be able to win the General Election. I was right! Roy worked hard but the deck was stacked against him!”

Steve Bannon’s Big Loss in Alabama
The big loser in Tuesday’s Alabama’s special Senate election was not the Republican Party. They had already lost weeks ago, the moment the Washington Post wrote their (carefully vetted, in this instance) exposé of the thirty-year-old sexual proclivities of Judge Roy Moore.
In many ways, the Republicans are lucky not to have Moore to deal with in Congress. They can face obvious White House aspirant Kirsten Gillibrand and her merry band of hypocrites with a straight face.

Why Republicans Shouldn’t Worry Too Much About Moore’s Loss
Even with the loss of a seat to Jones, Republicans still retain enough of a majority to pass whatever legislation they want, provided all 51 Republican senators vote in lockstep. Senate Republicans passed a budget in October that allows leadership to pass legislation with only 51 “yes” votes and bypass filibusters from Democrats altogether.
Jones also won’t be a factor Republicans have to consider for a number of weeks. Leadership announced Tuesday that Jones will not likely be seated until after the Christmas recess, which means Republicans will maintain their 52 seat majority while finalizing tax reform and negotiating the upcoming budget agreement.

Comparing Moore in 2012 to Moore in 2017
Comparing Trump in 2016 to Moore in 2017

In 2012, Moore won a state Supreme Court seat. In 2017 he outperformed his margins in 32 counties, but in 35 others he did worse.
Every single county swung left compared to 2016, with some moving more than 15 points. Moore lost 12 counties that Trump won.

Chuck Todd Warns: ‘Every Republican’ Must ‘Fear for Their Political Lives’

“Now Republicans have to be asking themselves, is this a one-off, is this a candidate who was flawed, or is this a sign of what could happen in the 2018 midterms?” Rather than blame Moore for the loss, Todd had someone else in mind:
“First of all, Donald Trump is political toxin, period. Look at the year throughout. You have to go through – this is not a one-off. Let’s start – this started in Kansas, in Montana, in Georgia, there were all these special elections. And Democrats didn’t win them, but they were over-performing by 10 and 15 points. Democratic enthusiasm, Trump problems.”

CBS Celebrates Jones Campaign Efforts, Predicts ‘GOP On the Ropes’
The first segment was narrated by reporter Manuel Bojorquez, who declared that “Alabama voters rolled back the political tides yesterday.” He highlighted the efforts of the Jones campaign in the days leading up to the election: “Jones was able to energize a traditionally weak democratic network here … He was buoy by millions in outside money and outspent Moore on campaign ads by 5-1.”
“His campaign says supporter knocked on 300,000 doors and made more than a million phone calls. And Jones had multiple campaign appearances a day while Moore shied away from cameras, dogged by allegations of sexual misconduct with teenage girls,” Bojorquez added.

“We Did It!” – GOP Establishment and #NeverTrumpers Cheer Republican Roy Moore’s Loss
Several establishment Republicans and imposters cheered the election victory of Democrat Doug Jones in Alabama on Tuesday.
Bill Kristol‘s #NeverTrump leader Evan McMullin sent out an email on Wednesday cheering the Democrat victory.

These people have no commitment to the American people.
Democrat policies create pain and suffering on society.
These GOP elites could not care less.
So here is Evan McButthead.
Or, if you prefer, Evan McAsshat.

Breitbart News Daily Callers Explain Alabama GOP Senate Loss: ‘Mitch McConnell Is a Snake’
“I don’t see how there’s any justification for Mitch McConnell to have a fund where he gets to pick the candidate. Is that what the head of the party’s supposed to be doing?” asked Ralph in Colorado, criticizing McConnell’s influence over the Senate Leadership Fund (SLF).
The SLF is led by Steven Law, McConnell’s former chief of staff. The SLF spent millions of dollars supporting Sen. Luther Strange’s (R-AL) failed primary campaign against Roy Moore.

Dems Find Winning Formula
“The Democrats finally got their narrative shifting win even if it was the result of accusing an honorable man of being a child molester and plumbing the gutters of racial demagoguery. The party and its radical left backers in California threw everything that they had into this election and it worked, setting up three years of sexual smears to come that they hope will result in their return to power.

However, they couldn’t have pulled it off without a huge helping hand from Republicans who with the exception of President Trump, refused to support their own candidate and losing a Senate seat that should have been theirs for the taking. It’s probably more accurate to attribute Jones’ big win to Moore being fragged by his own troops led by Mitch McConnell who made it clear that the judge would never be seated if he did win by threatening an immediate ethics investigation into the four-decades-old allegations from a handful of women.

Will the women now simply go away? That is probably a pretty safe bet, they have served their purpose. Even with their win, it took a massive mobilization of black voters and a registration of felons to beat Moore and now that they have served their purpose, the Democrats will forget about them and move on to the next race.” – DONN MARTEN

Dem Rep Hijacks Rosenstein Hearing To Talk Sexual Harassment
Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee went on an inexplicable rant about sexual harassment claims during a congressional hearing with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

“What intentions does the Department of Justice have to allow these women, who are accusing the president of sexual misconduct and have never been heard in terms of a public setting…what does the Department of Justice intend to do?”
“If they file a lawsuit, they’re free to do so, it would be a Department matter” Rosenstein responded somewhat incredulously.


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  1. Pistol Pete

    Omarosa fired, ‘physically dragged’ from the White House

    But numerous reports from inside the ever-leaky 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. had the now-ex director of communications for the Public Liaison office going out in a hail of profanities as Chief of Staff John Kelly told her to pack her things.
    Gen Kelly Kicked her out [with] high drama with [Omarosa] offering vulgarities and curse words as she was escorted out of the building and off campus,” April Ryan, White House bureau chief for American Urban Radio Networks, tweeted Wednesday.

    Ryan, who is also a CNN contributor, said in her radio report that Manigault Newman, 43, “was very upset and said that she wanted to speak to the president.
    “Gen. Kelly said that the president was already informed and signed off,” she said, citing sources. “Gen. Kelly is also alleged to have said that this is not like going to the principal’s office.”

    Classless CNN All-Female Panel Including April Ryan – Laugh, Gloat and Scream After Omarosa Announces Plans to Leave White House #MeToo
    A CNN all female panel today laughed, screamed and gloated after Omaroas Manifault-Newman announced she was leaving the White House.
    The panel included Angela Rye who screamed in delight and White House reporter April Ryan — who lied about Omarosa’s departure earlier today.


  2. Pistol Pete

    WaPo to “zero-tolerance” Dems: Good for you. Now do Menendez

    Maybe Al Franken won’t be the biggest loser from Alabama’s special election. Even before Capitol Hill Democrats got a workout from patting each other on the backs for Doug Jones’ victory in Alabama, Washington Post editor James Downie issued a challenge to their newfound outrage over unseemliness in public officials. Now that Al Franken and John Conyers have gotten the boot, Downie argues that it’s time to push Robert Menendez out the door too:


  3. Pistol Pete

    John McCain to Trump: Lay off the ‘fake news’ claims

    In a tweet Wednesday afternoon, McCain shared a new report from the Committee to Protect Journalists that says the number of journalists imprisoned around the world has reached 262, a new record.

    The total includes 21 reporters being held on “false news” charges.

    The president “must understand his harmful rhetoric only empowers repressive regimes to jail reporters & silence the truth,” McCain wrote.

    Trump is known for dismissing press coverage he doesn’t like as “fake news.”

    CPJ’s report was highly critical of Trump’s tactics.


  4. Pistol Pete

    Rahm Emanuel to Stephen Colbert: Chicago is a ‘Trump-free zone,’ and other news

    President Donald Trump is no longer welcome in Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel declared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Monday night. “Our motto: A city he’ll never sleep in. We don’t want him,” Emanuel said. “Look, Donald Trump is driving forward looking through the rearview mirror, and I’m not going that way because I want my city going that way and I want it to be a Trump-free zone


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    My health has not been the best this week. Sat night and trying to catch up. Thank God for Pete and Bob!

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