It’s the Barry and Mooch Show!

Michelle and Barack Obama have signed a multi-year contract with online-streaming giant Netflix to produce and write documentaries and shows.

As BizPac Review has reported, Barack Obama wants to follow in the footsteps of President Trump by becoming a reality-TV star with Netflix, for which the Obamas will produce and appear in shows that will chronicle their lives after the White House.

Not surprisingly, the Obama-Netflix partnership fueled mass cancellations and some hilarious reactions on social media.
Justin Washington quipped: “Maybe Netflix arranged for the Iranian mullahs to send back a few pallets of our US taxpayers’ cash that Obama send to them under cover of darkness.”

Obama-Netflix Partnership Stirs Mad Backlash, Cancellations: ‘Will They Be Paid In Pallets Of Cash?’


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8 responses to “It’s the Barry and Mooch Show!

  1. Pistol Pete

    Obama’s Ed Sec Defends Call to Pull Kids Out of School, Makes Grammar Error Arguing For ‘Less Guns’


  2. Pistol Pete

    The Real Bitter Clinger Is Hillary Clinton


  3. Pistol Pete

    Murphy: Republicans Wouldn’t Act on Guns Even if a School Shooter Killed 100 People
    The cold,hard facts are the democrats WANT victims…they NEED victims to push their gun grabbing agenda.


  4. chrissythehyphenated

    I had to scroll to the bottom to see if this Obama Netflix story was from the Babylon Bee. Netflix has lost its marbles. In what universe did they demonstrate ANY ability to write, inform, or entertain?

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  5. The Barry and Mike show on Netflix is just another money-laundering scheme, like when they put out books. You know that Susan Rice (IIRC) was recently added to the Netflix board of directors, right? No connection.

    The more businesses put politics and virtue-signalling above profit (as they all lose $ when they do it), the more I wonder how they could retain any investors!

    And as to cth: “Wait, so NOW they’re in favor of home schooling?”

    Well, sure, because home-schooling causes mass shootings, doncha know!