Chris Cuomo, thy name is HYPOCRITE

2020_05 02 cuomo hypocrite

Hypocrisy was the word of the day over on CNN’s PrimeTime, where host Chris Cuomo spent a portion of Tuesday’s show ripping Vice President Mike Pence for not wearing a face mask during a visit to the Mayo Clinic.

Pence said he didn’t need one, because he had recently been tested and didn’t have the virus.

Chris Cuomo sneered at Pence saying, “If you’re supposed to wear a mask, you should wear a mask. … We don’t know that you’re 100 percent not contagious when you test negative.”

Rules for thee, but not for me” may as well be the Cuomo family motto.

Chris Cuomo tested positive for COVID-19 and was ordered into quarantine. But on Easter Sunday, he took his family for a 30-minute drive to Long Island.

While there, a biker passing by recognized him and said, “Hey, aren’t you supposed to be in quarantine?

Cuomo was not happy. During a radio interview, he told the story, complaining, “I don’t want some j******, loser, fat tire biker being able to pull over and get in my space and talk b******* to me, I don’t want to hear it.”

After Cuomo bad-mouthed him on the radio, the cyclist came forward to tell his side of the story. He said he stopped his bike about 100 feet away.

I said, ‘You’re supposed to be quarantining, what are you doing out?

He at that point began to come closer, [saying] ‘Who the hell are you? What do you know about this? What do you know about the rules?

I did tell him, ‘Your brother is the coronavirus czar, why aren’t you following his rules?’ That didn’t make him happy.

He was coming closer and closer, very angry. He said, ‘You have not seen the last of me over this. You will see me again over this.'”

Whelan said he left before Cuomo got within 40 feet of him.

On the radio, Cuomo complained that the lack of privacy was a steep price to pay for “making millions of dollars a year.

He said it especially griped him that because he’s famous, he supposedly couldn’t tell the guy to go to hell in person.

Hmmmm … I’m thinking what he did say was pretty close. “You have not seen the last of me over this. You will see me again over this.”

Plus, Cuomo then bad-mouthed the man on the radio when the man wasn’t even there to defend himself.

And now he’s back to his “millions a year” job where he gets to freely criticize the Vice President of the United States for breaking the rules.


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2 responses to “Chris Cuomo, thy name is HYPOCRITE

  1. red

    Ai, chica, come on,.. You know the rich are different! Or does Cuomo know something the dems are hiding from us? Like all liberals, he’s a failure, so they made him governor. Remember the time he invaded the reservation? He lost because those Mohawks play dirty. they opened their most dangerous, secret weapon. As state troopers blockaded the roads, little old ladies came out with piping hot fresh donuts and fresh coffee, passing them out to the cops. A few sighs, a few tears, and after an hour the cops were ready to riot. Thank God none of the ladies were hurt, or, God forbid, little kids handing out donuts and such so much as stubbed a toe. Troopers would have buried Cuomo face down with a rusty shovel.


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