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CADBURY: Not for me, thanks. Not that I eat that stuff anyway, but if I did, I wouldn’t after seeing that ad. And it’s not just the gay males sharing a single egg. It’s the whole “Easter is about pigging out on gooey sweets” thing. I hate it even worse than I hate the commercialization of Christmas and the trivialization of St. Patrick every March.

FAUXTUS: Trump tells about a conversation he had with a member of Congress long ago, way before he had any interest in running. Trump says he asked, “Who is the dumbest person in Congress?” and that the answer was quick and decisive, “Joe Biden.”

FREEDOM: CLICK [2:35] to hear about Tunnel 57.

GREAT RESET: Once upon a time, this thing was considered a conspiracy theory. Now it is actually happening. Other names it goes by include Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, Globalism, New World Order, and Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The main goal is to create a New World Order, something that looks very familiar to anyone who has read the Book of Revelation. Some people call it Socialism; other call it Communism. I think of it as Global Feudalism, where 2% (or so) of the elites control all the wealth and all the power while the rest of us are treated like serfs.

The rich and powerful that make up the world’s elite are calling the shots. At the top of the pyramid are people like the British royal family, big banking dynasties like the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, CEOs of giant corporations like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, the United Nations, the WHO, Democrat elites, NeverTrumpers, and RINOs.

This is why Democrat states are still locked down, while Republican states like South Dakota never closed or opened early (Florida) and are opening (Texas, Arizona, West Virginia). It’s got nothing to do with science or saving lives and everything to do with destroying small businesses and training Americans to do what they’re told when they’re told.

Globalist Anthony Fauci said it out loud last November. “Now is the time to do what you’re told.” If he and his peeps have their way, “now” will be “for the rest of forever.” It’s kinda like how “two weeks to flatten the curve” turned into “we can’t predict when this will end.” Fauci’s latest statement was probably not until 2022 … or maybe later.

It’s easy to see the Great Reset agenda at work every day. For example, Texas Gov. Abbott lifted the mask mandate and the Left went ballistic. The same week, news broke that FAUXTUS had released more than a hundred COVID-positive illegals to go where they pleased and the Left was ::crickets::.

JEN PSAKI: CLICK [6:26] to hear FAUXTUS’ spokeswoman dismiss the nastiness of one of his appointees (who has been withdrawn because she’s so awful).

QANON INAUGURATION DAY: Watch this one! The Left told us that right-wingers would storm the capitol on March 4th – CLICK [13:06] to hear Tucker talk about the latest Leftist lie.

We didn’t see a single person insurrecting at the Capitol today — or for that matter, anywhere else in the country. Shocked? Don’t be. It was just another lie, not so different from when they told us we’d need troops to protect Joe Biden’s inauguration. Then they said we’d need soldiers to keep ‘QAnon’ away from the impeachment trial. Then there was today’s hysteria. Next, there will be something else. … Wokeness is what you when you are miserable inside.

QANON: Before I listened to the Tucker piece above, I was in the Never Heard of It (43%). Now I’m in the Undecided [21%] because, while I’ve now heard of it, I still have no idea what it really is. Or is not.

PORKULUS: As predicted, the vote was split down party lines, with VFAUXTUS casting the tie breaking vote. As I have said before, I think we are past the point of no return with our national debt. This monstrosity will just bring us that much faster to the day when the federal government is forced to declare bankruptcy.

CLICK [3:05] to hear Ted Cruz nuke the Democrats’ $1.9 Trillion “Let’s Print More Money” PORK loaded “COVID” bill that has almost nothing in it for COVID.

Only 9 percent of this $1.9 trillion is related to health care, and less than 1 percent of this $1.9 trillion bill is related to vaccines.” – Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY)

On Wednesday, Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) tore into Biden for the “dreadful” bill. “President Biden said in putting together the bill, he said we want to meet you, us, the Republicans, halfway. If that’s the case he’s a damn poor judge of distance. He’s rejected everything we’ve proposed. … The only way I know how to improve it is with a shredder.”

RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS: You know what? This story is worth reading in full. So give it a click.

TYRANNY: Today’s hateful Progressive is the exact opposite of the ’60s kumbaya Liberal.

GRAMMY NOTES: Bunny, Blossom, and Mama Buzz enjoyed a Girls’ Day Out with Blossom’s mom, who is also Buzz’ Scout leader. She found that super cute Woodstock Scout fabric and made masks for everybody.

CLICK [3:02] to see some intriguing kitchen hacks.

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