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CALIFORNIA: San Francisco – Walgreens has closed its 10th store in the San Francisco area. Residents blame rampant shoplifting caused by the city’s soft-on-crime policies.

While interviewing homeowners about the recent spike in crime in Nancy Pelosi’s district, a reporter was robbed of a camera at gunpoint.

CLASS WARFARE: This article – “America’s Elites are waging class war on workers and small businesses” – is worth reading in full. The class warfare is part of the Great Reset. Only the ginormous global corporations whose CEOs are on board with the Leftists’ “We Rule The World” agenda can be allowed to survive and thrive.

In America, class warfare is often disguised as culture war, and culture war is often cloaked by talk of race. But underneath it all, the class warfare is still there. Whether accidentally or intentionally, America’s upper classes seem to wind up harming the working class and small businesses, always in the name of some high-minded cause.” Read the rest at the link.

CONNECTICUT: Connecticut is lifting capacity limits on restaurants, retail outlets, libraries, personal services, indoor recreation, gyms, museums, offices, and houses of worship on March 19. In addition, limits on outdoor gatherings at a private residence will increase to 100 people at a private residence or 200 at a commercial venue, with indoor gatherings limits going to 25 and 100 people, respectively.

Beginning April 2, outdoor amusement parks will be able to open. Indoor stadiums will reopen at 10% capacity and outdoor event venues at 50% capacity with a maximum of 10,000 people. Indoor theaters will continue to have a 50% attendance limit, and restaurants and entertainment venues must close by 11 p.m.

The state will keep its mask mandate in place, and bars that only serve beverages will remain shut down.

KAYLEIGH: She back! [10:06] – Brand new Fox News analyst Kayleigh McEnany discusses Biden, Psaki, and GOP concerns over the coronavirus bill.

ME TOO: CLICK [2:33] Press Secretary Psaki struggles to explain VP Kamala Harris’s SILENCE on sexual harassment allegations against Gov. Cuomo after her attacks on Kavanaugh. “Uh … uh … uh.

STRUCTURAL RACISM: A Baltimore high school student who failed all but three classes over his four years is ranked in the top half of his class despite a 0.13 GPA.

Is it okay if we call out the corrupt teachers’ union and Democrat leadership who demand little or nothing of black students? Can we even whisper the words “racism” about the apparently deliberate efforts of these people to keep poor blacks in the welfare plantation ghettos and jails? Can we even ask about the entire Black ghetto culture that leads to single mothers raising multiple kids with no fathers in the home, who can’t or won’t care about their kids’ academic performance?

This boy’s mother says she didn’t realize until February of his senior year that he had been failing classes all along, because the school kept on promoting him to the next grade. She blames the school, says they never told her. They say they did and she didn’t pay attention. She says she had three jobs. He’s now in a different school, starting over again with 9th grade and hoping to graduate for real by 2023.

Baltimore has not had a Republican mayor since 1967.

GRAMMY NOTES: One of my military kids got a meritorious service medal yesterday! And I got to watch cuz they live streamed the ceremony! ❤

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