EVERYbody WATCH this!

CLICK https://www.facebook.com/idahofreedom/posts/10159190816144169 [28:47] to hear an expert talk DATA and SCIENCE about COVID-19.



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  1. Thanks for linking to this, chrissy. I think he ’bout covered it all. Educational, informed, and his delivery was lively.

    That parallel above which one must supplement vit D? We live, basically, right on that parallel. Heh. I like sitting in the sun.

    Still can’t see videos on FarceBuck for some reason, but I can download it at getfvid.com.

    I’d rather download than stream, anyway. I’m on a partially-limited connection, but even if I had the fastest no-caps connection, I started in Ye Olde Days of 300baud dial-up acoustic modems, so I’m always conscious of how streaming uses more bandwidth, especially if you want to back up and watch part of it again. Or watch it twice.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      I was in the DDS chair yesterday, waiting for the anesthetic to take. DDS says to asst., “My son told me, ‘Don’t get the covid vaccine!’ I can’t imagine where he’s getting such crackpot information.”

      I raised my hand and said, “Same place I am getting mine.” N.b., this dds and I go way back and she really respects me, or I would’ve kept my mouth shut.

      Both of them listened carefully to my whole spiel and the DDS (who had said she had already gotten the shots) actually grimaced when I told her they are not true vaccines, but untested gene therapies that alter your DNA and the pharmaceutical companies have 100% immunity, so if their product kills you, tough luck.

      I just emailed her this video and the Korean Catholic Doctors document. In the past, she has eagerly tried essential oils after seeing me use them to help me get through a hard procedure and said yesterday that my recipe for apple sauce that I gave her last fall had been a YUGE hit with her family. So I know she’s receptive.

      She’s also a strong pro-Trumper, having grown up in USSR/Russia and emigrated as an adult. She had to learn English and recertify for all the dental credentials she already had, but it was worth it to her. I actually visited Moscow once, when she was in kindergarten there. 🙂

      “I hate socialism!” she says, adding another story about her life in Moscow. Her son is an entrepreneur and on the same page, but her daughter makes documentaries for one of the alphabet networks and made a big noise about her loathing for Trump and admiration for Biden and socialism. Broke the poor woman’s heart!

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