Global Power Politics

Rick Moran writes at PJ Media –

Animals have been transmitting their diseases to humans since we began to domesticate them — about 11,000 years ago. So when many reputable scientists tell us that the coronavirus probably originated in bats and was transmitted to humans in some unknown way, it makes perfect sense. But there was no compelling evidence of that.

So why were alternate theories censored? From a scientific point of view, it didn’t make any sense. Science is a process and one of the basic processes in investigating this disease is gathering all possible evidence. It’s crazy to close off a line of investigation for any reason.

In this case, it’s politics. Global power politics. China is flexing its muscles and any suggestion that it was somehow responsible because of a leak of the virus from one of its labs has been brutally and savagely attacked by Beijing and its supporters.

Social media went so far as to censor those who suggested China is involved in a coverup of the virus’s origins. The mainstream media equated the lab-leak theory with QAnon conspiracy theories. The WHO decreed that there would be no more research into the lab leak theory.

Global power politics is also behind the squashing of all early treatment protocols, because the Progressive Elites WANT us so frightened that we’ll …

a. Stay locked away in our homes while our small businesses collapse (making the market better for the mega-corporations who are suddenly 100% WOKE) and

b. Become accustomed to accepting multiple government edicts that strip us of our freedoms (making the eventual takeover by the Antichrist easier).

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  1. red

    We’ve been under attack by the chocom military acts of bioterrorism since at least the Hong Kong flu in 1964. For all their bluster, they know they can never take us by frontal attack. Even India ran them off twice. Siberia does is several times a year, as does Vietnam. Why isn’t all this in the news? Hitler was adopted at the dnc patron saint. We see more and more nazism unfolding in the dnc as time goes on.

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