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ALIEN INTRUSTION: Unmasking the Deception – “60 Minutes” recently reported on military sightings of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP). I’m guessing they don’t call them UFOs, because that term evokes aliens from outer space whereas about 95% of such sightings have natural explanations.

However, about 5% defy explanation. The military has been studying these sightings for more than 50 years and they do NOT believe they are aliens from other planets. Rather, the undeniable evidence suggests they are beings from another dimension.

I believe they are demonic in origin and that we are being set up to accept demons, appearing in the guise of Roswell-type “aliens” and posing as enlightened beings from another planet as the “three evil spirits that looked like frogs” mentioned in Revelation 16:13.

If you are at all interested in this subject, I highly recommend the DVD and book shown in the graphic. They present all the evidence of UAPs that cannot be explained away, as well as testimony by victims of “closer encounters”, including visitations and kidnappings. The most compelling argument they present for the demon theory is that the sacred Name of Jesus drives them away.

ARCHBISHOP VIGANÒ: [4:42] – John-Henry Westen introduces the April 9th interview in which His Excellency talks about where he thinks we are on the End Times calendar. The full text is at the link below. I dumped it all into a text file to print out. It’s 6½ pages single spaced. I’ve got it printed, but haven’t read it yet.

CATHOLIC: On March 17, the Archbishop of San Francisco responded to Nancy Pelosi’s claim that she can decide for herself whether or not to receive Holy Communion while continuing to promote the unrestricted slaughter of innocent, unborn life.

Excerpts: “This is not a matter about which one can use judgment. … Speaker Pelosi said she is pleased with the letter of Cardinal Ladaria. … In that letter, Cardinal Ladaria advises the U.S. bishops to use as a guide in discerning how to address this situation the principles laid out in a private letter in 2004 from the then-Cardinal Ratzinger*, Prefect of the CDF at the time, to the bishops of the United States.

“In his letter, Ratzinger confirmed that consistently advocating for abortion and euthanasia constitutes formal cooperation in grave sin, and that bishops must dialogue with Catholics prominent in public life who do so … [and] that, if these dialogues prove to be fruitless, … the bishop must declare that the individual is not be admitted to Communion.

*Cardinal Ratzinger later became Pope Benedict XVI.

CINDERELLA: Mama Buzz and I are huge fans of fairy tale remakes, but we’re planning to give this one a big miss.

COLORADO: Last week, a five-week-old bald eaglet died after the tree it was living in split down the middle.

Park officials said the bird’s body will be cremated and buried “with a sacred ceremony in a blessed burial site” in a wildlife refuge.

Park officials wrote on social media, “We mourn with all of you today and understand how painful it has been.

Every year, Colorado aborts hundreds of viable, late-term humans. The state requires no reason.

COVID-19: Real America Dan talks with Dr. Brian Tyson [2:49] – Effectiveness of early treatment, inflation of death count, herd immunity, natural vs. vaccinated immunity.

DEAD CHRISTIANS: I think they do care. It’s just that they’re happy about it and the world isn’t corrupt enough yet for that to make click-worthy news.

FAUXTUS: CLICK to see one man’s reaction to Racist Joe talking down to him and his people.

JERKNALISTS: Remember when they screamed that Orange Man Bad had committed violence when he called them fake news?

This week, when FAUXTUS joked about running over a reporter who wanted to ask a question he didn’t like, they giggled.

MARICOPA: Back in 2016, George Soros pumped $2 million into Paul Penzone’s campaign to oust Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was enormously popular with conservatives. Laurene Jobs (widow of Apple co-founder Steve) kicked in another $250,000.

Penzone won. Now he’s using his clout on behalf of the Democrats trying to stop the 2020 election audit.

MASKS: CLICK [2:43] to hear a 4th grader take his concerns to the school board. He makes a LOT of good points!

MIKE PENCE: He eviscerates FAUXTUS’ Middle East policies in this week’s National Review.

MILITARY: Another office is under investigation for questioning the new woke policies the current administration is forcing on our fighting men and women.

NIGERIA: [31:55] – John-Henry Westen interviews Fr. Innocent Sunu who ministers to the faithful in the most dangerous area of Nigeria.

ROFL: Somebody at a 140 unit housing complex thought it would be a good idea to sprinkle powdered laundry detergent on the roofs to discourage moss growth. Then it rained.

TRANS: She has had all her boy parts cut off and has been taking hormones for years. But nothing can change the fact that her musculature is male. And there’s a reason that the tees for men are behind the tees for women. But, if you think that letting biological males dominate female sports is wrong, shut up.

GRAMMY NOTES: Once upon a time, way back in the olden days, I went to NYC with 3 college girlfriends. We were sitting in the sun on a wall at the Cloisters, eating lunch, when two guys came up and said, “You’re tourists, aren’t you.”

How could you tell?

Socks with sandals.”

CLICK [:37] to see a talented dog. LOL

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