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AOC: More elitist hypocrisy. Not only is Whole Foods within walking distance of her apartment, but it even has special parking for elite customers like her. Apparently, that’s not elite enough. She parked in a no parking zone.

BETTER INFORMED: Rasmussen asked media viewers a series of current event questions and correlated their right/wrong responses with where they said they get their news. Not surprisingly, the results show that CNN and MSNBC were more than twice as likely to get the answers wrong as were those who watch Fox News.

CATHOLIC: On Saturday, the founder of the Society of the Divine Savior was beatified. Blessed Johan Baptist Jordan is also known by his religious name of Francis Mary of the Cross.

The miracle that allowed the declaration happened to the unborn child of a Brazilian couple. When their daughter was diagnosed with a severe form of skeletal dysplasia during the 23rd week of pregnancy, the couple asked for Francis Mary of the Cross’ intercession for a healthy child.

The girl, now six years old, was born with no abnormalities. She attended the beatification Mass with her family in Rome.

DAN BONGINO: Dan will be taking over the Monday-Friday 12PM-3PM ET radio slot formerly held by the late great Rush Limbaugh. The new show debuts on Monday, May 24th. Dan’s first show guest will be former President Donald Trump. A radio station locator will be available at when the show is live to assist anyone who needs help finding a way to listen.

DEMENTIA JOE: At the 2008 Coast Guard Academy Commencement Ceremony, then-Vice President Cheney said, “There’s a saying in your line of work — that the U.S. Coast Guard is the ‘hard nucleus about which the Navy forms in time of war.’

On Wednesday, the current placeholder in the Oval Office spoke at the 2021 Coast Guard Academy Commencement Ceremony and tried to use the same line. Except he botched it and said, “The Coast Guard is ‘the hard nucleus around the Navy, forms in times of war.‘”

Since a nucleus, being the center, doesn’t form around anything, his sorry attempt at a clever quip fell flat. Instead of moving on, he criticized the audience for not clapping.

You are, you’re a really dull class. Come on, man. Is the sun getting to ya? I would think you’d have an opportunity when I say that about the Navy to clap.

CLICK [:36] if you care.

Later, Slow Joe botched a quote by Mao Zedong. He said, “There’s a saying…’Women hold up half the world.’” The actual quote was “Women hold up half the sky.

FAUXTUS: [4:24] – Shortly after stealing office, FAUXTUS canceled the Keystone XL pipeline, which would have brought oil to America, provided thousands of jobs, and added billions of dollars in tax revenue.

Now we learn that he is waiving sanctions on Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline, so the pipeline can be completed. Supposedly the sanctions were put in place for good reason and the administration says it really doesn’t want to see the pipeline put into use, which begs the question, why lift the sanctions?

GREAT RESET: VFAUTUS states their agenda in very clear terms. [:19] – Archbishop Viganò lays it all out in the article linked below at LifeSiteNews. I highly recommend you download it, print it out, study it, and share it with loved ones. It answers every “Why are they doing this?” and “What is happening to our country?” question.

IOWA: Governor Kim Reynolds signed a bill that bans masks in schools and expands charter school access, tax credits and open enrollment.

LIFE: [1:19] – On Wednesday, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill that bans abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected.

MICHAEL FRANZESE: [8:23] – In a 1986 Fortune magazine, he was featured in “The 50 Biggest Mafia Bosses” … the other 49 of them are now dead. Redemption in Jesus Christ is real and it’s a beautiful thing.

MARICOPA: One of the four firms working on the audit has announced it has successfully recovered all the data some schmuck tried to delete from the server.

MOVE OREGON’S BORDER: Five rural, conservative counties in eastern Oregon have voted to consider seceding from the leftist, Portland-dominated state of Oregon to become part of conservative Idaho.

NICK SANTONASTASSO: Listen to this guy! [10:58] – Earlier this month, Richard Dawkins told the father of a Down child that he should’ve have had the baby aborted. Some years ago, he said it was actually immoral not to abort disabled children, that it was “wise and sensible” because (in his mind) allowing such people to exist reduces the total happiness of humanity.

Then, there’s Nick Santonastasso who lives by, “It’s not ‘can’t’, it’s ‘how’.” Frankly, I fully expect to meet Nick in Heaven. Richard? Not so much.

PRINCE HARRY: [3:16] – Get Real Dan says Harry’s comments on our First Amendment are beyond stupid.

RACISM: Chicago’s gay, Black mayor has announced she will only grant one-on-one interviews to Black or Brown journalists.


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  1. Has Richard Dawkins ever even met a family with a Down Syndrome child? If he did, he’d see how wrong he is. I have a friend who is the mother of a DS child, and she knows many other families with DS children, and they all say their children bring so much joy to the family that they actually feel kind of sorry for families who don’t have a child with DS.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      I’ve heard that same thing many times. I have never had the privilege, but we had a college-aged sitter for a while who was amazingly open to all our allergy rules. I asked her once why and she said, “I have a sister with Downs.” So the joy gets spread to others!

      I also knew a lady with a severely mentally disabled adult son. She said her other two kids had both grown up to be remarkably nurturing people, both going into service professions. She thought it was having Billy for a brother.

      And I was telling our principal once that I felt so guilty about being so expensive and needy, because we were always broke. She said, “Your girls are learning young the difference between needs and wants. And that’s a good thing.” They’ve all grown to be unusually generous and loving women, so I have at least one genuine reason to rejoice in my disability.

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  2. chrissythehyphenated

    I remember seeing a t.v. show about a man with two sons. One was a sports star; the other had Downs. Dear old dad was all over the sports star, but barely would look at his other boy. The star loved his brother and asked his dad, in tears, “If I had an extra chromosome, would you hate me too?”

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