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BIG PHARMA: [3:14] – Money! Money! Money! Money! Money!

CEASE FIRE: [2:57] – The shooting is over. (For now.)

CUOMO: CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, who has both recovered from COVID-19 and gotten vaccinated was spotted driving his car, alone, with the top down, in the sun … wearing a mask. [:34]

Recently, Chris admitted that “it was a mistake” to give his brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo advice about his sexual harassment problems while covering the story for the network. He said, “I can be objective about anything. But not my family.

Well duh. This is why he and any other jerknalist who is worth anything recuse themselves from stories about which they cannot be objective. Chris didn’t. But there’s nothing unusual about Chris being a fraud.

He faked his COVID-19 quarantine, got his friends and family tested for the virus when tests were still so scarce that nursing homes couldn’t get any, and never asked his brother any serious questions during his many interviews.

JAN. 6: [1:59] – Recently, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said, “Obviously, the president’s view is that there were a number of officers who lost their lives, paid a tremendous sacrifice, on a day that will be a stain on our democracy for many years to come, and certainly, many who survived.”

Only one officer, Brian Sicknick, died the day after. The coroner ruled he had a stroke. One and only one person was killed during or as a result of the riot. Her name was Ashli Babbitt. She was an unarmed protester and Air Force veteran.

Babbitt had traveled to D.C. from California because of her fervent belief that the 2020 election was stolen from former President Trump. Video shows her trying to climb through a broken window into the Speaker’s Lobby outside the House Chamber when a Capitol Police officer guarding the entrance fired.

An investigation by the Justice Department found insufficient evidence to bring any charges against the officer who fired the only shot during the riot and who has never been named publicly. The family is filing a wrongful death suit against the Capitol Police Department.

PORTLAND: [2:30] – Local taxpayers are getting soaked.

TARGET: Within the last few days, an employee of Target informed her manager that she would not comply with his directive to wear the mask, that there was no scientific basis for the rule, and that he had no legal authority to force it.

The employee added that she was in contact with the legal team at America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) specifically an attorney named Tom Rentz, and had retained his services.

The Target manager directed the woman in question to go home and advised she was being terminated. Within 24 hours she was contacted at home and called back into work. The mask requirement was dropped.

TEEN VOGUE: Teen Vogue is working hard for Satan, publishing tips for minors on how to safely engage in anal sex, get the most out of masturbation, and collect and use menstrual blood in spells to ward off evil. There’s also a chirpy, positive guide to Marxism.

VAX: The mRNA COVID-19 vaccines appear to be causing myocarditis (heart inflammation) in some of those who get the shots. The reports of myocarditis have been mostly in adolescents and young adults, more often in males.


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  1. Another hearty bits & bytes, chrissy. One thing:

    Babbitt had traveled to D.C. from California because of her fervent belief in the lie that the 2020 election was stolen from former President Trump.

    I think this reads more what you meant to say if you take out “in the lie”. Else, “fervent disbelief….”


  2. I really like that top “Dear God” picture. So much true.

    I humbly submit my own similar-themed cartoon from ‘way back in 1996 (which I may have posted here before) – if this works:

    Answer to Prayers

    Being verbal creatures, we tend to expect the answer to our prayers to be verbalized, especially true for those involved in intellectualized religious philosophizing.

    By and large, we are apt to be disappointed in this.

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    • Rats. Images did not show up. Trying a different one…

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      • chrissythehyphenated

        This reminds me of a little skit I saw somewhere. A guy sits down at a cafe table with God. He’s got a legal pad chock full of requests. He reads and reads and reads. When he finishes, he gets up and leaves. God never gets a word in edgewise. It was a potent lesson to shut up and listen. 🙂

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      I frequently have my prayers for immediate assistance answered with an image or an impulse. I imagine my guardian angel pushing me in the right direction. I have learned to trust these … but I also do binding prayer regularly to keep certain individuals from messing with me.

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