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ALABAMA: Republican Gov. Kay Ivey signed a bill Monday banning businesses and public institutions from requiring so-called COVID-19 vaccine passports for entrance.

BORDER: Two months ago, FAUXTUS appointed VFAUTUS his point person on the migrant surge at the southern border. At that time, VFAUTUS said she had no immediate plans to actually visit the border, but that “at some point, absolutely, we will go down to the border.”

On Monday, PressSec Psaki was asked when FAUXTUS’ border point person might actually visit the border “to see what’s going on.”

CLICK (or not) to listen? To Jen? Explain that she doesn’t expect? The Vice President to visit the border? “given her purview”?

Meanwhile, despite the fact that the numbers show the crisis worsened in April, ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts drastically cut back on their coverage of the ongoing debacle.

DISNEY: After a hiatus spanning more than a decade-and-a-half, Disney announced that it’s rebooting “The Proud Family” animated series with new characters, including same-sex parents.

ELECTION: Ditto if you believe that Kamala Harris helped him “win.” She was such an unpopular presidential candidate that her campaign crashed and burned before the first primary!

FAUXTUS: “The border is swamped, the value of the dollar is plummeting, Israel nearly went to war because of disastrous foreign policy, commerce is coming to a grinding halt, and this is what WaPo is saying.” – Brenden Montry

I’m trying to think back … did any right-leaning news outlet publish anything even close to this while Trump was in office? EVER?!

FLORIDA: On Monday, Gov. DeSantis signed the Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Act into law. The new law ensures that Floridians have the right to sue Big Tech platforms for monetary damages.

GOOD GUY WITH GUN: Last Saturday, a woman arrived at an abortion clinic in San Antonio and got out of her vehicle to enter the building. A man climbed out of the woman’s car trunk and began firing a gun at her. A pro-lifer — who had a licensed, concealed handgun — fired at the suspect, stopping him from continuing his shooting spree.

Police said, “He absolutely saved this young lady’s life. He did something a reasonable person would do and he saw someone engaged in a shooting and he stepped in and intervened and stopped that shooting from occurring.”

The suspect was able to flee the scene. Officers have not yet located him and it is unknown if the suspect was injured in the shooting. They were able to recover his weapon and an article of clothing they believe belongs to him. Police believe the shooting was an incident of domestic violence and the woman was taken to police headquarters for questioning.

IDAHO: On Monday, Republican Governor Brad Little signed the “No Public Funds For Abortion Act” (H.B. 220) into law. It blocks taxpayer dollars from funding abortions and bans Idaho public schools from contracting with abortion businesses to teach sex education.

JAN 6: This whole thing was PLANNED BY THE DEMOCRATS … just like the assault on the Benghazi consulate.

MASKS: Libtards are reportedly having trouble accepting the CDC’s loosening of its mask mandate. Some say they need to wear masks lest anyone assume they are Republicans.

Babylon Bee tells us that a liberal in Portland has been spotted sitting on a rock in the middle of a pond, whispering, “It is my own, my precious,” to his mask. When feeling his mask is threatened, he goes into hysterics and shouts, “WE WANTS IT, WE NEEDS IT! MUST HAVE THE PRECIOUS! THEY WANTS TO STEAL IT FROM US! WICKED TRICKSY REPUBLICANS!“”

MATH: CLICK [7:15] – Equitable math would never have gotten us to the Moon.

MEDIA: A recent TIPP Insights poll shows that just 46% of Americans trust what is considered traditional or mainstream media.

The survey also indicated that 56% of Americans agree with the statement that “journalists and reporters are purposely trying to mislead people.

NEW YORK CITY: The rotten apple will offer no virtual learning next fall. In the current school year, the NYC public school system has offered a choice between full-time remote learning and a hybrid weekly schedule in which students attend classes in person three days a week and learn remotely for two days, and then reverse the pattern on an alternating basis. Neither of those options will be offered in September.

OBAMA: A new tell-all gives more examples of what we who pay attention already knew – i.e., that Barack is not a nice guy.

While in the White House, he called members of the Tea Party movement “racist motherf—ers.” He said about political reporters, “Motherf—ers, I’m aloof with you because I don’t want to talk to you.” And he called Trump “a madman”, “a f___ing lunatic”, a “corrupt motherf___er” and “a racist, sexist pig.”

The book also characterized Obama as a “parasite” because he put building his own cult of personality ahead of building up the party that he fed off of.

RACISM: Per capita, Black Americans commit two-and-a-half times more hate crimes than White Americans do. Here’s one example.

A 72-year-old good Samaritan stopped to help a Black teen with a flat tire. The teen and his gf beat the man nearly to death.

The victim said, “I’ve always stopped to help people. They’ve always appreciated it — until now. Now at my age, maybe I’ll think twice next time before I do it again.

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: [4:30] – The Alliance Defending Freedom has filed a lawsuit on behalf of young Lydia Booth, who was told she was not allowed to wear a mask at her public school that read “Jesus loves me.” Masks that said “Black Lives Matter” were allowed.

TEXAS: UT Southwestern Medical Center hosts the “first and largest program in the southwest that provides multidisciplinary care to transgender children and adolescents.” While the program does not offer surgery to children, it does offer chemical castration in the form of hormone therapies that suppress puberty.

Campaign finance records show that a PAC supporting the center handed out well over $250,000 to a number of top Texas politicians who were recently involved in shutting down multiple pieces of legislation that would have prevented trans therapies for minors.

TWITTER: Jack Dorsey and his Arbiters of Truthiness banned President Trump permanently for posting too many tweets that violated their delicate Leftist sensibilities. These tweets by the Imam Sayyid Ali Khamenei, Iran’s Supreme Leader, celebrate the bombing of Israel and pray for its total destruction. They were posted yesterday and are still up today.

GRAMMY NOTES: For Bunny’s fall birthday, I have been sewing and sending clothes for the 18” girl doll she got last Christmas. (I send one at a time, cuz it’s so fun to get mail!) She’s such a funny kid. When the nightgown arrived, she wouldn’t put it on the doll until it was bed time. The second item was a raincoat. She wouldn’t put that on because it wasn’t raining! LOL

LOL: [:09]


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  1. ALABAMA: Republican Gov. Kay Ivey signed a bill Monday banning businesses and public institutions from requiring so-called COVID-19 vaccine passports for entrance.

    Only problem I have with this is “businesses.” If a business demands that I wear an orange dunce cap (or a vax ear tag – that was funny), that’s their choice, as is mine to take my business elsewhere. There’s only one business I’ve been to which insisted we wear masks, and we left immediately, will never be back, and because of that found a better store just up the road. The dempanic is fading fast ’round hyar.

    A pro-lifer — who had a licensed, concealed handgun — fired at the suspect, stopping him from continuing his shooting spree.

    I read the article, and nowhere did it explicitly state the woman was pregnant. (As opposed to, say, being an employee there.) Presuming she was there for an abortion and didn’t get one, you could say the good guy with the gun saved two lives. However, unknown if the suspect was injured in the shooting, the pro-life guy could maybe use some more practice time at the gun range. 😉

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