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FOIA: Emails obtained through the Freedom of Information Act show that Dr. Anthony Fauci ignored warnings that the Chinese were manipulating COVID-19 data in the early days of the pandemic.

In March 2020, Dr. Erik Nilsen, a published PhD physicist and CEO of the neuroscience research company Bio-Signal emailed Dr. Fauci detailing the evidence he had uncovered that showed the ChiComs were lying to the world about the timing and severity of the outbreak.

Fauci blew it off with a curt, “Too long to read.” He was chief pandemic adviser to the President of the United States, but he couldn’t be bothered to read something that serious from someone of Dr. Nilsen’s stature? Are you KIDDING me?

MASKS: This idiocy is courtesy of the people who tell us we need to “listen to the science.”

SAY WHAT?: On Tuesday, we were told that Dr. Anthony Fauci’s new book – Expect the Unexpected: Ten Lessons on Truth, Service, and the Way Forward – was coming out Nov. 2.

The tweets included links to Amazon and Barnes & Noble for anyone who wanted to pre-order the book. Those links are dead. I searched both sites and the book is just gone.

VAERS: VAERS is what’s called a passive surveillance system, meaning that instead of actively searching for potential side-effects, it relies entirely on voluntary reporting. And its detection rate is abysmal. A report submitted to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in 2010 concluded that, quote, “Fewer than one percent of vaccine adverse events are reported by the VAER System.

A 2013 study found that almost 30% of health care professionals had never heard of VAERS. Even worse, 83% of those who knew about VAERS and had come across an adverse vaccine side effect did not file a report.

VAX: On May 21, Lisa Shaw, 44, died as a result of blood clots and bleeding in her head. Shaw, the mother of one and a BBC radio presenter, had no known health problems. She developed severe headaches a week after receiving an AstraZeneca COVID-19 injection. A few days later, she fell seriously ill and was undergoing treatment in intensive care for blood clots and bleeding in her head when she died.

The U.K. Government has recorded 676,083 adverse reactions (806 deaths) following injection with the AstraZeneca drug. Reactions include thousands of blood disorders and hundreds of strokes and brain bleeds.

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