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ABORTION SANCTUARY: Planned Parenthood tried to sue Lubbock, Texas, to overturn its ordinance outlawing abortions within its borders. On Tuesday, a federal judge threw it out, ruling that Planned Parenthood lacked jurisdiction.

BACK THE BLUE: Joshua Kelly, a San Bernardino County Sheriff’s deputy, responded to a 911 call and saved a 10-day-old baby’s life.

When he arrived, Baby Victoria wasn’t breathing and her lips were turning blue. Kelly flipped her over his forearm, face down, and began performing back thrusts. Yet 30 seconds in, she still wasn’t breathing. The deputy then launched into two rounds of infant chest compressions.

After about a minute and a half, the baby’s arms just dropped and went lifeless. I thought for sure … we lost the baby.

Despite his fears, Kelly continued with chest compressions. Three minutes in, Victoria spat up and took her first breath. She was taken to hospital and later released with a clean bill of health.

BORDER: The Biden administration has scrapped FBI background checks for caregivers at its overpacked child migrant shelters (or as AOC no longer calls them, ‘concentration camps’), alarming child welfare experts who say this compromises safety.

IOW, the Predator-in-Chief enables other child predators. What could possibly go wrong?

In April, Tex. Gov. Greg Abbott called for the Biden administration to close a San Antonio facility for migrant children following allegations of sexual assault. Abbott called the facility a “health and safety nightmare.”

CRITICAL RACE THEORY:Not with my children.” CLICK [:59] … seriously. Watch this!

DARK MONEY: We’ve all heard Democrats denounce so-called dark campaign money as a totally evil thing that only Republicans would ever do, right? It’s just another case of “you can tell what Democrats are doing by listening to what they’re accusing Republicans of doing.”

ENERGY: On June 1, the FAUXTUS administration suspended oil and gas drilling leases in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

FAUXTUS: He’s a flaming racist, but the Left will not call him out on it. Remember when he told us that “poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.

Now he tell us that Black business owners don’t have accountants and attorneys. I guess all those Black lawyers and accountants only work for White folks. Or something.

FREE WILL: I saw this on Facebook – “Do you know why the fingers of God and Adam do not touch in Michelangelo’s famous work of art on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel of the Apostolic Palace in Vatican City? In the play, the finger of God is extended to the maximum, but the finger of Adam is with the last contracted phalanges. The sense of art is to explain that God is always there, but the decision is man’s. If man wants to touch God he will need to stretch his finger, but by not stretching the finger, he can go his whole life without seeking it. The last contracted phalanx of Adam’s finger represents free will.” – Charles Legaspi

HATE CRIME HOAX: When a student at Viterbo University in La Crosse, Wisconsin, claimed she had been the victim of racist incidents, it sparked mass protests. One of the crimes she alleged included a fire someone started in her dorm. Police discovered on a surveillance video that she had done it herself. The student has reportedly been expelled.

LIFE: You gotta watch this! CLICK [1:51].

LGBTQI: CLICK [2:18] to see a clip from “Blue Clues and You” in which a drag queen holding a microphone with a revolutionary fist logo on it, sings about the wonders of gay and nonbinary parents, trans families, and “Ace, Bi and Pan grown ups.” “Blues Clues and You” is made for preschoolers.

MICHIGAN: The Michigan Court of Appeals has affirmed the Board of State Canvasser’s approval of petitions calling for a recall of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist.

MIRACLE: Or misdiagnosis? At 20-weeks, Orton Casey’s prenatal scans showed a serious heart defect. The doctors were certain enough of their diagnosis to offer to abort, but the parents said no. When Orton was born 19 weeks later, his heart was normal.

MISSOURI: CLICK [:10] to see the incident from last July that left the victim with a concussion.

TEXAS: On Tuesday, Gov. Abbot signed four “Back the Blue” bills into law, increasing criminal penalties for activities that interfere with law enforcement and imposing penalties on cities that defund the police.

VOTER ID: Forty-six European nations require a government-issued photo voter ID to vote. In the U.K., voter IDs are mandatory in Northern Ireland for all elections and in parts of England for local elections. And Boris Johnson’s government recently introduced legislation to have the rest of the country follow suit.

WELCOME HOME: These stories always make me cry. :-)“` The story and video are at the link.

WNBA: Woke shaming [:30] – The only sane response to this trash is to not watch even harder. And here’s another reason not to watch the men either. It’s name is Big Baby LeBron, the B-ball superstar who falls down in agony when someone almost brushes against him and walks off the court before the game ends when his team is losing.

GRAMMY NOTES: They sell these sucking gadgets that supposedly remove stingers and bug saliva. I’ve got silicone cups that should do the same thing. Anyway, I plan to try it out this summer … along with essential oil of lavender, which goes on the bite neat (straight out of the bottle) to reduce itching and inflammation.


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  1. Sarcastic Mommy nails it. Why would I want to live like a homeless person if I don’t have to?

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      I mentioned to my infantry sil that I used to enjoy camping because it made me so grateful for indoor plumbing. He replied that he preferred to vacay in five star comfort, because “camping is too much like my day job.” LOLOL

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  2. Trump ads on gas pumps – Bee today; Real tomorrow.
    New Trump Ad (twitter)

    Another Pedo Joe incident down here it Tulsa.
    Next News Network on YooToob

    “A real rainbows…”
    Siiigh. Doncha just hate it when a grammar glitch is baked into a poster‽

    I never pay attention to the perv flag, so I don’t know (or care) what colors it has. What is what supposed to remind me of? (I have my obtuse days.)

    A web search churned up two “helpful mnemonics” for remembering the colors and rainbow order: ROYGBIV or VIBGYOR. (Heh. Right. Sure. Mnemonics don’t work with me. I can’t remember them, or, if I do, I can’t remember what it means.) I always just saw “purple” beyond blue.

    According to this fellow, Isaac Newton, 350 years ago, was doing some experiments where he was using prisms to break white light up into a rainbow. He decided that there were certain bands of colors, red, yellow, green, blue, and violet. He added two more, orange, and indigo, because he specifically wanted seven colors. This is because it would match the seven notes of the musical scale. Oohh-kay. But the spectrum is actually infinite (and extends beyond what we can see).

    Also, all rainbows have a “double,” although it might be too dim to see, and there may even be a third, depending on conditions.

    We often have rain to the east of us and clear sky west of us in the late afternoon-to-sunset, which produces spectacular double rainbows.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      God sent us the natural rainbow as a sign of His everlasting love which we are called to accept in all humility. Satan perverted it in the LGBTQI “pride” flag.

      On the 6th day, God created man. 666 is Satan’s number (man as his own god x three perverting the Trinity.

      Seven is the perfect number, representing everything. Three for God plus four for all of His creation. 777 is God’s number.

      If you want to add on, 8 represents eternity. Jesus rose in His perfected form on the 8th day. 888 represents eternal life. 8 on its side is the sign for infinity.