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From Susie Larson’s Blessings: Be Bold. May you have the holy inspiration to live up to what you already know! As you wait on God for your marching orders, may you walk forward full of faith that He’ll supply your every need. May you become a bold, brave warrior who stands in faith, trusts wholeheartedly, and testifies to what God has done. May your life be marked by power, authority, and mostly love. May the reality of Christ in you mark your life in every way, so that wherever you place your feet, God’s Kingdom comes to earth. Have a divinely inspired, faith-filled day today!

FAUCI: A trove of emails to and from Dr. Fauci during the first half of 2020 paint a very unflattering picture of the most powerful bureaucrat in the world. The more than 3,000 pages of emails were obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request.

At the Daily Signal link below, Fred Lucas lists his eleven takeaways from the emails. At the PJ Media link below, Matt Margolis lists the five bombshells he found.

FAUXTUS LIES: Again – On Tuesday, during a speech on the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa race massacre, FAUXTUS claimed that “according to the intelligence community, terrorism from white supremacy is the most lethal threat to the homeland today. Not ISIS, not Al-Qaeda, white supremacists.

The claim is based on a single year of data – i.e. 2018-2019 – when white supremacists conducted four of the eight total domestic violent assaults. These four assaults resulted in 39 of the 48 deaths that year from domestic extremism.

Looking at a bigger, more realistic picture, the 2016 ISIS-inspired Pulse Nightclub massacre alone killed 49 people, more than all white supremacists combined in 2018-2019. And 9/11 resulted in more deaths than every white supremacist terror incident in the 21st century combined, by a lot.

And, based on the numbers and information in the Wikipedia article linked below, might’ve been more than the 21st and 20th centuries combined. It’s interesting to scroll through the 20th c. terror attacks and see the numbers and the motivations of the perpetrators.

White supremacists, KKKers, and neo-Nazis appear, but they’ve got a good deal of competition from activists identifying as anarchist, German, labor/union, Communist, anti-Semitic, Puerto Rican nationalist, Jewish Defense League, Croatian, Chilean, pro-Palestinian, Muslim, Armenian, Rashneesh, neo-Luddite, anti-homosexual, anti-abortion, and ecology nuts. Interspersed with these were people who seem to have been mentally unhinged and/or really mad about something.

MEDIA FRAUD: In February 2020, the Washington Post published a hit piece ridiculing Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) for suggesting COVID-19 might have originated from a virology lab in Wuhan, China.

At the time, the headline on the piece read, “Tom Cotton keeps repeating a coronavirus conspiracy theory that was already debunked.

Fast forward to now that the Left has suddenly done a 180 on the lab leak theory. Instead of writing a new story giving Cotton credit for having spoken out when the lab leak theory wasn’t popular, WaPo edited the headline, photo caption, and Feb 2020 article contents to make itself look better.

Vox did something similar.

SCHOOL CHOICE: On Wednesday, the 2d Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that officials in the State of Vermont violated the First Amendment by prohibiting students attending private religious schools from taking tuition aid through the State’s Town Tuition Program (TTP). The TTP provides funding for students in towns where the public school system does not cover all grade levels.

Judge Steven Menashi noted that the Supreme Court has “repeatedly confirmed that denying a generally available benefit solely on account of religious identity imposes a penalty on the free exercise of religion that can be justified only by a state interest of the highest order.”

THE CHOSEN: [8:34] – Mama Buzz sent this video to me with this note: “I haven’t watched the Christmas special yet, but the director says something about how they got some flak from Catholics over showing Mary experiencing pain during childbirth. WHY?! Knowing she experienced the same thing is what got me through labor without any drugs! Also, Jesus is both fully divine and fully human and we know he experienced tremendous pain, so why wouldn’t Mary, who while without sin was still fully human, experience pain?

This is what I responded – “ITA with you! I’ve read the argument for a painless birth. One ABSURD claim was that Jesus just miraculously beamed himself from inside to outside, because … wait for it … if he had gone through her birth canal, he would’ve broken her hymen and then she wouldn’t have been a virgin. I mean …………. like that’s the definition of a virgin?! ARGH. The other dumb thing was what you said … that Mary was sinless, so couldn’t have suffered the pains of childbirth. Yes, pain at childbirth was Eve’s punishment for sinning, but Jesus was sinless and he willingly bore the pains of our sin to free us. Mary is the New Eve. How could she NOT have endured labor?!

WOLVES: On Tuesday, Catholic dissenters and LGBT activists hosted an online Pride Month blessing in reaction to a Vatican statement reiterating that same-sex unions cannot be blessed. Speakers made comments that rejected Catholic teaching, talking about “God’s triumph of queer love” or declaring that pride is not sin but “salvation” and “a promise of liberation for all.” A bishop even made an appearance and offered a blessing.

WOMEN’S ORDINATION: Cue Leftist screams, cuz their pet pope has just made it clear that the Catholic Church is never going to ordain women. [44:42]

Pope Francis and the Vatican recently approved two substantial changes to Catholic canon law that strengthens the existing ban.

Any attempt by a woman to receive ordination to bishop, priest, deacon AND any attempt by anyone to so ordain a woman invokes the punishment of automatic excommunication ((latae sententiae). The excommunication cannot be lifted by a priest or bishop, but only by the pope himself. In addition, a cleric who attempts to violate the canonical ban may be dismissed.

The video is much, much longer than I usually post here, but Dr. Taylor Marshall really seems to know his stuff. I watched it all the way through and thought it was fascinating.

GRAMMY NOTES: When our youngest was 5, she started doing this weird thing with her eyes, so I took her to Dearest’s eye doctor. He said her eyes were tired, because she had difficulty changing focal points. She also had almost no peripheral vision. When I told him her early history (Rh disease in utero, Failure to Thrive in first year) he said if he’d known all that before he examined her, he would have expected much worse vision problems.

We started vision therapy. After 6 weeks and mega bucks, there was no change. I was frustrated and worried for her. So when I saw there was a healing Mass near our home, I took her and had the folks pray over her for her eyes. The next time the doctor examined her, he was astonished to find that her vision had improved 600% and she didn’t need therapy any more!

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