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AIDS: Fauci repeated the same mistakes with COVID-19 that he had made with HIV back in the 80s. During the HIV crisis in the early 1980s, Dr. Fauci speculated that the virus could spread through regular household contact. His theory caused panic and stigmatized the infected. And he was wrong.

Similarly, Fauci refused to acknowledge that treatments existed that were known to be efficacious and safe. Instead of promoting them, he told people they were dangerous and should be avoided. His guidance cost lives. And he was wrong.

Is Dr. Tony so vain that he prefers being at the forefront of a crisis to saving lives? Or has he been working for the globalist cabal that thrives on scaring the crap out of people and watching them die?

BORDER: More than 119,000 illegal aliens from 70 countries have been apprehended in the Del Rio sector of the border this fiscal year (which began Oct. 1, 2020). The region is mostly ranch land.

The number of Venezuelans coming is immense. With four months to go in the fiscal year, 10,864 Venezuelans have been apprehended by Border Patrol. By comparison, for the whole of fiscal 2020, 135 Venezuelans were apprehended.

COVID-19: When health officials went back and fixed their cause of deaths from “died with COVID-19” to “died from COVID-19”, the number of deaths attributed to the virus dropped by 25 percent.

ILLEGALS: On Monday, SCOTUS ruled unanimously that people who are temporarily protected from deportation are not eligible for a green card if they entered the country illegally.

CAPITALISM vs. SOCIALISM: CLICK [5:51] to see a Cuban man enter a Wal*Mart for the first time.

My brother used to host groups of students from China. They always wanted to see a real American store. So he’d take them to one and they’d say, “Not the store for tourists. The store real Americans shop at.” So he’d have the bus drive around and tell them to point at whatever store they wanted to see. They couldn’t get over how much stuff we have easy access to or the amazing prices. His biggest problem every summer was getting all the stuff they bought packed up for their flight home.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: [:38] – Minimalist vs. WWJD.

GEORGIA: We all remember the appalling videos from the great 2020 election steal where Shaye Moss kicked everyone out of the room where votes were counted in Fulton County and told them to go home. Then she and others, including Ralph Jones and Shaye’s mother Ruby, dragged hidden boxes of ballots out from underneath tables and started running them through the machines. Ruby Freeman was caught on tape running the same stack of suspect ballots through the machines multiple times.

Shaye and Ruby have both been subpoenaed to give depositions in a civil election fraud trial in Fulton County. It’s about damned time!

GIVE GOD THE GLORY: CLICK to read a wonderful story. There is a video interview at the link below.

IRAN: On Wednesday morning, Iran’s largest warship, the Kharg, caught fire off the coast of Oman and sank. Everyone on board was successfully evacuated.

LIFE: A pro-life group called Choice42 has been having trouble finding billboard companies willing to post the ad in the image. Offering pregnant women a choice other than abortion is deemed too controversial. The reason why tells you a lot about pro-aborts.

The one in the photo was taken down after only a week, because the ad company received many complaints and pro-aborts threatened the land owner. The contract was for two years, but because pro-aborts are bullies who do NOT want pregnant women to have choices other than abortion, women who could have benefited from the ad will never see it.

Choice42 says the billboards they have been able to place “have actually helped to save babies’ lives. Women have reached out to us after seeing our message and we were able to help them with baby items, rent, groceries, and emotional support. We are an organization that actually helps women.

And that right there is the problem for the pro-aborts. They don’t want abortion legal so women can have a choice. They want abortion legal so they can make money killing babies.

MEDIA HYPERVENTILATION: Senator Joe Manchin has announced he plans to block Democrats’ efforts to federalize voting. Since the Constitution grants to the states alone the right to run elections, the legislation itself is clearly an assault on states’ rights and the balance of power. But Democrats and their slobbering media are talking like Manchin is single-handedly striking a lethal blow at the heart of the Republic.

MSNBC Deadline: White House host Nicolle Wallace declared Manchin’s “stated reasons for opposing the voting rights legislation are positively Trumpian in their detachment from the facts.” And when Democratic Congressman James Clyburn, the House Majority Whip, compared Manchin’s decision to the fall of Rome, Wallace said, “I have been groping for the appropriate historical parallel. I thank you very much for just now providing it.

NOTHING WORSE: One of my favorite Stargate SG-1 episodes is a two parter called Heroes. In it, Saul Rubinek plays a journalist tasked by POTUS to document the super secret program. Naturally, he encounters a lot of resentment from the military members working at Stargate Command.

I watched Heroes again this week and was struck by one line Rubinek’s character spews angrily. “Nothing, NOTHING is worse for a free society than a press that is subservient to politicians and the military.”

The line never struck me so potently before in all the (many) times I’ve watched the episode, probably because I agreed with him. But this time, it just knocked me for a loop. Because this time, I knew there is something worse – i.e., a press that is subservient to our enemies.

GRAMMY NOTES: Mind blowing.


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  1. red

    Please, fauci earned his title. It would be more polite to refer to him as freaky.
    Iran: why bother? The nation is run by snakes.


  2. Those gymnasts have no respect for the law of gravity.

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  3. Cuban in Wal-Mart – Fazebook refused to let me see it or download it, but I found what may be the same one on the YoohooToob.

    1:33, shopping in Cuba: “Finally! I found liquid milk!” Said with such emotion. Heart-wrenching. 😦

    Griping about pro-life billboards: Funny thing about “pro-choice” – it apparently doesn’t mean what one would think it means. 😬

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