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ARRESTS: [1:22] – An international law enforcement operation called Greenlight/Trojan Shield has resulted in more than 800 arrests and the seizure of 38 tons of drugs and over $48 million in currencies and cryptocurrencies. The operation spanned 16 countries and included our own FBI.

The operation relied on an encrypted messaging app developed by the FBI, in close coordination with the Australian Federal Police, called ANOM. Its aim was to target global organized crime, drug trafficking, and money laundering operations with whom it became popular.

The app offered the features organized crime networks desire, such as encryption, remote wipe and duress passwords. The FBI said criminals trusted their devices and made no effort to encode their messages. The platform was taken down on June 7, 2021.

We have been in the back pockets of organized crime. All they talk about is drugs, violence, hits on each other, innocent people who are going to be murdered. “It was there to be seen, including ‘we’ll have a speedboat meet you at this point,’ ‘this is who will do this,’ and so on.

BACK THE BLUE: Florence, Alabama, police were called to help a family under assault. A 34-year-old man allegedly attacked his parents in their home with a Molotov cocktail before seriously wounding his brother, then going after his three children, all under 10 years of age, with a machete. While officers dealt with the man (who has been arrested), the officer in the photo rushed the kids to his patrol car, then drove them to an ambulance. The photo went viral.

BORDER: FAUXTUS’ “border czar” reminds us why her presidential campaign crashed and burned before the first Democratic primary – CLICK [:15] to hear VFAUXTUS say, “We’ve been to the border. So this whole thing about the border; we’ve been to the border. We’ve been to the border.”

When NBC’s Lester Holt notes, “You haven’t been to the border”, VFAUXTUS responds, “And I haven’t been to Europe. [cacklecackle] I mean, I don’t understand the point that you’re making.”

GEORGIA: Election watchdogs have convinced a state judge to unseal all of the 147,000 mail-in ballots counted in Fulton County to allow a closer inspection of Biden ballots that counters said appeared to have been created on a copier machine.

Biden supposedly won Georgia by just 12,000 votes thanks to a late surge of mail-in ballots that were counted after election monitors had been locked out of the State Farm Arena in Atlanta.

MEXICO: Read it for yourself. I could barely stand to skim.

PICK THE RIGHT PUPPY: [6:19] – Cesar Millan gives a mini course in how to choose the best dog for your energy and lifestyle.

RACISM: Last month, The Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association published an article that described being white as “a malignant, parasitic-like condition” characterized by dangerous, discriminatory, and perverse beliefs.

Those suffering from reduced melanin are helpless to control their urges toward “power without limit, force without restriction, violence without mercy.” In short, our genetic inheritance demands that we “hate, and terrorize.

It’s like the eugenics movement from a century ago, but with the definitions of whose genes are good and whose are bad flipped.

SCOTUS: On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court said it won’t take a case, brought by the National Coalition For Men, which challenged the constitutionality of the male-only draft.

In a decision with no noted dissenting opinions, the court declined to take the case. In the opinion, Justice Sonia Sotomayor wrote that the court had decided to defer the matter to Congress.

TIKTOK: The world’s largest and most sophisticated police state basically owns TikTok. And it just gave itself permission to collect “biometric identifiers and biometric information” from its users’ content. This includes things like “faceprints and voiceprints.”

But I’m sure we can totes trust them not to use or abuse the information, right? Just like we trusted the WHO when it parroted the ChiComs’ party line about COVID-19.

TWITTER: Last week, Project Veritas blew the lid off Facebook’s censorship of anything and everything that might make someone think twice about getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Now it’s Twitter’s turn.

Former Bill Clinton adviser and author Naomi Wolf (140,000 followers) has been suspended because, according to the company, she shared misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines. And by “misinformation”, they mean the same thing Facebook means.

Anyone who loves freedom, including Naomi Wolf, needs to realize the Left is now the enemy of freedom.” – Dinesh D’Souza

VAX: Gallup reports that, as of the May 18-23 survey, 60% of U.S. adults report they have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, 4% have been partially vaccinated, 12% plan to be vaccinated and 24% do not plan to be vaccinated. (Note: The number in the graphic is for all Americans, not just adults.)

Political affiliation looms large in these groups with 95% of Democrats polled (19 out of 20) being in the already or plan to category, while nearly half of Republicans (1 in 2) are in the plan to avoid category. If the folks predicting the vaccine will cause mass deaths are right, it’s going to put a huge dent in the Democrats’ plans to run the nation for the rest of time.

Among those not planning to be vaccinated, 78% say they are unlikely to reconsider their plans, with half saying it is “not likely at all” they will ever change their minds.

Note that the May 18-23 survey pre-dates the news that COVID-19 was created in a Communist Chinese lab as a potential bio-weapon. It also pre-dates the news that Facebook has been actively suppressing anything and everything that might contribute to “vaccine hesitancy”, regardless of the source.

VERMONT: On Monday, Gov. Phil Scott signed a new law mandating all voters receive a mail-in ballot. The state’s Democrat-controlled legislature passed the bill by a wide margin. Scott thinks the state should expand the law even more.

GRAMMY NOTES: I let my kids have one hate food that they never had to eat. However, once that food was designated, it couldn’t be changed. My middle kid never picked a hate food, because she was always afraid she’d find something later on that she hated more than whatever she was gagging down at the moment. 🙂

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  1. I wish Noah had swatted those two mosquitoes

    Yeah! And ticks! And horseflies! Probably just as well he left off the dinosaurs, but surely there would have been room for the unicorns…!

    Even as a young kid I had some difficulties with the Noah story. (We were not Biblical Fundamentalists.) The older I got, the more I studied geology and biology, the less I could think the “whole world” was under water any time after humans showed up, or that all species could be housed on a boat, much less regenerated from merely two of each (directly intervening miracles by the Almighty notwithstanding). Nevertheless, go figger, I never had any trouble believing God’s promise in the rainbow.

    Harking back to the “rainbow” flag discussion the other day, I guess I never gave a flying burp about the “rainbow” flag vs God’s rainbows, any more than I would care about somebody advertising tee-shirts “available in a rainbow of colors.” It’s just color stripes. Rainbows arc.

    Daughter and SiL are on a trip to a Florida beach. They bought a “rainbow” beach umbrella, and daughter was concerned it was too perv-flaggy, even though it wasn’t the “rainbow” color and sequence. I said, “So, it’s just beach-ball colors.” Yup.

    Well, now, apparently, they’ve moved on from just the “rainbow” stripes anyway, re-designing the thing to be even more extra-special inclusive.

    (I don’t think you already covered this.)

    Some wag commented it looks like the flag of some 3rd-world dictatorship, saying, “Didn’t they have any Gays involved in designing this nightmare?” Heh.

    Finally, I stole this joke.

    Guy wearing classic black Pink Floyd t-shirt Dark Side of the Moon logo, the one where the light goes through the prism and the rainbow color comes out the other side.

    Millennial gal texting on her phone, looks up for a second, says “I like your Pride shirt”.

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