COVID-19 Update

A study out of Johns Hopkins found ZERO corona virus mortality rate among healthy children. ALL of the kids who died of the virus were suffering from a preexisting medical condition such as leukemia. IOW, there is literally ZERO justification for masking and/or vaccinating minors!

CLICK [:50] to hear a newscaster announce that the government has ordered Sydney back into lockdown … because there were 111 new cases and 1 death … of an 80 year old man. This one death brought the total for this variant to three.

All but “essential” businesses are closed, all construction sites are shut down, and all citizens are ordered to stay at home. Not only can you not leave your neighborhood, but Australian officials say that if you see someone you know while you’re outside doing essential business, you shouldn’t talk to one another. Not even if you’re both masked and standing 6 feet apart.

CLICK [:18] how Melbourne reacted to this insanity.

In all of Manitoba’s 250,000 square miles, the daily death rate from COVID-19 has been less than one … which goes nowhere to explain why the lock down in Manitoba is so severe that museums, movie theaters, and concert venues are still limited to 50% capacity. And the only people allowed in to these venues are those who have received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine and are masked. This includes the Museum of Human Rights.

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