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AMAZING: Amateur photographer, storm chaser and college basketball player, Laura Rowe captured this spellbinding shot of a tornado touching down in Texas. Click the link to see more.

CATHOLIC: CLICK [25:57] to hear John-Henry Westen talk about pro-abortion Catholic politicians being given Communion. He explains the RCC teaching and how the same bishops who support people like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi being allowed to receive the Eucharist are also defying church teaching on same sex marriage and other key progressive issues. Chief among these is the now disgraced, pedophile, former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick.

FAUCI: CLICK [2:06] to hear a mashup of the president’s halo’d expert assure us about what the science says regarding masks.

FREE SPEECH: A federal court in the Tenth Circuit ruled that Colorado’s so-called Anti-Discrimination Act “permissibly compels” a website design company to offer wedding websites that “celebrate same-sex marriage” if it offers wedding websites for anyone else. Legal scholar Ed Whalen said: “It is difficult to imagine a ruling more hostile to free speech.

FREUDIAN SLIP: CLICK [:20] to hear FAUXTUS say he was VP to Trump, then called it a “Freudian slip.” But “Freudian slip” refers to “an unintentional error that reveals subconscious feelings.” Hmmm ….

GEORGIA: CLICK [3:44] to hear an OANN report about how bipartisan observers in Dekalb County were barred from vote adjudication. And when they complained, they were called liars.

JAN. 6: CLICK [12:09] to hear Tucker’s report on the first day of hearings. I couldn’t get through it. Too many fake tears and blatant lies.

CLICK [1:36] to hear Jim Jordan ask an obvious question the Democrats don’t want to answer.

CLICK [2:14] Rep. Jim Banks slam the makeup of the committee and the obvious lack of interest in getting real answers.

KENTUCKY: Republican Rep. Thomas Massie represents Kentucky’s 4th district. After tweeting the above, he got sneering replies along the lines of “Ok Einstein, What’s your education? Obviously you don’t anything about Science.”

He responded with a photo of his Master of Science diploma from MIT where his thesis was entitled, Initial haptic explorations with the phantom: virtual touch through point interaction. Whatever that means! LOL

LIFE: CLICK [2:00] if you can stand the listen to a New York legislator compare tax-funded abortion to freedom of speech, religion, and assembly (all of which Democrats cheerfully abridge at every opportunity).

Fifty-five times over the past month, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat colleagues in the House have blocked a request from Republicans on the House floor to have a vote on a bill to ban taxpayer-funding of abortions.

MASKS: New CDC recommendations call for all people in K-12 schools to wear masks, regardless of their vaccination status. President Biden stated that a vaccine mandate for federal employees is being considered. Congressional Republicans blasted the new rules. “This is politics, not science,” said Sen. Ted Cruz [R-TX].

MILITARY: CLICK [3:31] to hear Tucker talk about a recent incident that just makes me really sad for my military kids. You can read the thread they’re discussing at the link.

PLANNED PARENTHOOD. Dr. Leana Wen served as president of Planned Parenthood for eight short months before she was canned for not being pro-abortion enough. In her recently published autobiography, “Lifelines: A Doctor’s Journey in the Fight for Public Health”, she reveals that the organizations core mission is abortion. Although she is pro-choice, she believes abortion should be safe and legal, but also rare. She says she was told to get on board the baby killing bandwagon or leave. She left.

SHUT UP: And do what you’re told. CLICK [2:20] to hear Tucker explain why our national leaders are idiots.

TEXAS: CLICK [1:00] to hear Gov. Abbott slam Biden’s slanderous Jim Crow rhetoric.

WISCONSIN: Look Ahead America’s report (link below) found 157,299 illegal ballots cast in the Wisconsin 2020 presidential election. That is eight times the slim 20,000 vote margin awarded to FAUXTUS.

The group identified seven tranches (tranche: a portion of a total) of illegal ballots (listed above). Due to the limitations of time, budget, and the inability to access necessary government databases, they could only analyze the first four. IOW, the total number of illegal ballots cast in Wisconsin was certainly even higher.

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