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BIDENESE: Like Shakespeare before him, our beloved FAUXTUS has busy, busy, busy enriching the English language [3:04]. CLICK [:17] to hear FAUXTUS tell us he carries in his pocket something he doesn’t have because he gave it to someone but he carries it in his pocket.

CALIFORNIA: “Why I’ll Be Leaving California” at Ricochet is worth a read. The article the author is responding to is at the Hill link below.

COVID-19: Don Lemon declares the unvaxxed are uneducated, hedonistic rubes who aren’t worth understanding. [1:01]

Meanwhile, illegals apprehended by border officers who test positive are being handed over the Catholic Charities of The Rio Grande Valley, which puts them up in hotels in La Joya and McAllen, Texas. The situation came to light after a concerned citizen reported to a police officer that she saw mask-less members of a family coughing and sneezing at a Whataburger location. Apparently, it was only after the affected communities complained that the agency hired a security agent to keep the infected illegals inside their hotel rooms.

And in the Capitol, Speaker Pelosi has directed police to arrest anyone who isn’t wearing a mask, regardless of vaccination status.

CLICK [:52] for a palate cleansing rant.

FAKEBOOK: The highly trained epidemiologists in the Facebook Fact Check Farm put a “Missing Context” warning on this cartoon. (Yes, they fact checked a cartoon.)

It linked to an article by Australian Associated Press criticizing internet memes that cast doubt on the vaccines. It said, “Claim vaccines won’t stop COVID spread ignores key facts.

Here are two key facts the Fact Checkers and Australian Associated Press ignored. One, the CDC has told everyone to go back to wearing masks. Two, Sydney, Australia, is back on TOTAL lock down for everyone, regardless of vaccine status.

Meanwhile, the EU issued a report demanding the government “build up effective partnerships with social media influencers” to stop all right-wing jokes, satire, memes, and parodies, because they’re JUST NOT FUNNY ANYMORE. They actually referred to “far-right extremists”, but you and I all know what they mean are people like us.

FAUXTUS: There’s a lot of buzz about Slow Joe claiming he once drove an 18-wheeler. I listened to the clip, but what I heard him say is that he wanted to … like when he was a boy. You can listen for yourself:

MASK MANDATES: The Republican governors of Arizona, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Texas, are all flipping the bird at the CDC’s latest mask mandate.

Surprisingly, so is Democrat Gretchen “Jackboot” Whitmer. I’m guessing her obstinance likely has less to do with respecting individual freedoms than with the giant smack down she got from the state Supreme Court and the GOP-led legislature, plus the threat of being recalled like California’s Gov. Newsom.

MICHIGAN: This guy is really doing his constituents proud, neh? [2:21] – In addition to his drunk driving etc. legal problems, he’s also got a little something to answer for in his campaign spending report.

Namely, $221 he spent at a strip club, which he labeled “office expense.” He also blew through more than $6,400 from his campaign account on meals for meetings over the first 7 months of 2021. That includes one dinner meeting that cost nearly $700.

Simon Schuster, executive director of the nonprofit Michigan Campaign Finance Network, said Michigan’s elected officials “often use campaign funds to wine, dine and entertain themselves … under the guise of conducting business.

MORONS: Remember all the times that Fancy Nancy sneered at Trump for his lack of civility? It seems like she needs to take the plank out of her own eye before pointing out the specks in anyone else’s. On Wednesday, when asked about McCarthy’s criticism of the latest mask mandate (graphic), she reportedly said, “He is such a moron.”

CLICK [:14] if you want to listen. A while later, she spent 34 seconds saying “science, science, science” before claiming what she said that McCarthy’s position “is not wise.” CLICK [:34] to hear that one.

I admit that her comment while getting into her limo is very hard to hear; however, it sounds a heckuva lot more like “He is such a moron” than like “He is not wise.” So, civil, Nancy! Also, FYI: Saying “science” over and over doesn’t mean your position is based on actual science science. Just sayin’.

NEW YORK CITY: The New York Post reports, “The de Blasio-era rise in violence did not impact all areas of Gotham equally. Not even close.” And the voting patterns in the recent Democratic mayoral primary not only shows it, but also gives the lie to the claim by white liberals like Garcia who claim to care about black lives. [N.b., “Garcia” is the last name of her ex-husband; her natal name was McIver.

Inhabitants of lower-income, high-crime, mostly minority neighborhoods turned out in huge numbers for the law-and-order candidate and former cop of color, Eric Adams. Meanwhile, the safest and whitest neighborhoods voted for lily white Kathryn Garcia and her wishy-washy “crime-fighting” strategy.

The Atlantic has a good article about it which is now called “Progressive Denial Won’t Stop Violent Crime.” But on the tab one can see that the original title was “Why the Crime Wave is a Disaster for Democrats.”

PRIDE FLAGS: There’s another new pride flag! This one seeks to be the Most Inclusive Ever (and ugliest to date) by adding the red umbrella symbol to celebrate sex workers. But it’s not cuz, you know, it doesn’t include the inter-gender circle in the white triangle, which is just so, you know, like, hurtful and demeaning. Or something.

PSA: Watch this one [5:21].

GRAPHIC: science

SCIENCE: Or as Nancy Pelosi would say, “Science. Science. Science.” Cuz that’s how you prove something is really science-y … by saying it a lot. Or something.

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