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BOOSTER: On Friday, the FDA’s vaccine advisory panel voted 16–3 to recommend against providing booster shots of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for everyone, but did endorse it for those who are at high risk or are over 65. Hmmm … I wonder if the negative push back from folks like us has had an impact…

CATHOLIC: If you’ve got young kids or grands, I encourage you to look into this weekly Mass prep resource. The video uses LEGOs to illustrate the Gospel and two young girls give a micro-homily. There is also a coloring page, a mini quiz, and the upcoming Sunday readings. I love it!

DURHAM: Michael Sussman, an attorney who represented Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, has been indicted for allegedly lying to federal law enforcement officials about who he was representing when he came to the FBI with information about Donald Trump and Russia.

After reading Don Surber’s piece linked below, it looks to me like John Durham has made a career out of managing long, drawn-out investigations designed to ensure Democrats get away with everything. It’s frustrating, but God knows what he’s done. And Hell is forever.

FAUCI: CLICK [2:32] to see a new RNC ad showing Tony’s total flip flop on federal vaccine mandates.

FAUXTUS APPROVAL: CLICK [1:39] to see Fox Business report on Biden’s falling approval rating. He’s taken an especially big hit among Hispanics.

In April, Quinnipiac found 50% of Hispanics approving or strongly approving Biden’s job approval. The latest Quinnipiac poll found only 38% approve, which is a virtual tie with the 37% approval among Whites.

IVERMECTIN: Onchocerciasis (aka, river blindness) is a tropical disease caused by a parasitic worm that can cause several skin diseases, visual impairment and sometimes blindness.

Some African countries have been experimenting with ivermectin to kill off the parasite. These countries are known as APOC countries, which stands for African Programme for Onchocerciasis Control.

A recent study compared APOC and nearby non-APOC countries and found that those using ivermectin had a 28% lower COVID-19 death rate.

LYING WITH STATISTICS: A leaked Zoom conference reveals Mary Rudyk, MD, telling the hospital’s Director of Marketing Carolyn Fisher and another hospital employee that she wants the hospitals to inflate COVID-19 patient numbers to make the disease more scary to the public. The message she wants out there is, “If you don’t get vaccinated, you know you’re going to die.

MARIJUANA: According to a recently published study, adult users under 45 are twice as likely to suffer heart attacks as adults who abstain.

In addition, habitual users are increasingly showing up in emergency rooms suffering from cannabis hyperemesis syndrome, or CHS. CHS is marked by really bad abdominal pain, nausea, and uncontrollable vomiting that goes on for hours. One doctors says patients often report taking a scalding hot shower that didn’t help.

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: While appearing on liberal Jimmy Kimmel’s show, liberal Bill Mayer cited a survey from the liberal New York Times that showed 70% of Democrats grossly over-estimate their chances of being hospitalized for COVID-19 – 28% of Democrats said it’s between 20% and 49% while an incredible 41% believe it is over 50%!

Maher said, “Liberal media has to take a little responsibility for that. For scaring the s–t out of people.”

MILLEY: CLICK [13:59] to hear Get Real Dan explain the Milley issue, then talk with General Michael Flynn about it.

CLICK [5:45] to hear Dan Bongino on the phone calls and the White House response to them.

CLICK [:18] and [2:15] to hear Biden and Psaki express confidence in Milley.

Trump’s acting Defense Secretary says Gen. Mark Milley had no authority to make “secret” calls to his counterpart in communist China and needs to resign “immediately.

NEW YORK SLIME: The Israelis took out Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, Iran’s top nuclear scientist who built weapons of mass destruction. But NEVER MIND THAT, he was just a really sweet guy at heart.

OHIO: The entire men’s basketball team at University of Cincinnati-Clermont has opted not to play this year in protest against the university’s vaccine mandate. The players say they oppose the vaccine on both safety and ethical grounds.

REGENERON: The FAUXTUS administration abruptly made a petty and vengeful decision to limit the number of doses of Regeneron being shipped to red states AND to give these states no warning.

Alabama reports that the rationing is hitting them hard, with some distribution sites having already running out of or projected to run out of supply soon.

Florida’s Gov. DeSantis says he is looking into getting the stuff directly from a manufacturer.

SHAMING THE UNVAXXED: CLICK [2:51] to hear Greg Gutfeld make an excellent reply to Don Lemon calling unvaxxed individuals uniformly “stupid.”

VFAUXTUS: As the southern border was erupting into utter chaos, Biden hit the beach while his border czar flipped a coin.


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  1. red

    My hat is off to you. You know what and how to put in that needs to be told.
    NEW YORK SLIME: Read the piece and put in Hitler’s name, because the NYT said the same of him. My stepmother said, if you only knew the social side of Hitler, you would never believe what a monster he was. He loved to give gifts, helped people, loved to paint, loved many things. Yet was such a monster. Put biden’s name in there, or either clinton.

    Stay strong in Christ. You are an overcomer.

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  2. Gell-Mann Amnesia: You read an article in the paper, in your field of expertise, and you know the article is bogus – full of error. Then you go on to another article outside your field of expertise, and dumbly believe “it must be true; it’s in the paper!”

    I’ve had, let’s just say, a lot of experience with pot-smokers, and while there’s many a bad hacking cough, nobody ever had a heart attack or uncontrollably vomited that I heard of – even after consuming a family-size bag of Doritos. There is enough to be concerned about with marijuana use, without making stuff up, as I presume is the case in the articles linked. CNN wouldn’t make stuff up, would they? 🙄 To be clear, I didn’t read the articles — wouldn’t give ☭NN the hits — but I have seen discussion of these reports FWIW.

    If there is any increase in heart attacks and vomiting, it’s not the pot, not even the allegedly “20x more potent than grampa’s pot.” If there’s any validity to these claims, it may be due to some adulterant (a problem legalization was supposed to alleviate). I suppose too many super-concentrated “edibles” could cause health problems, but too much of anything can cause problems. Even dihydrous monoxide!

    I know of one instance, decades ago, where a woman took a tiny hit (if any) off a joint, and went and cowered in a corner for an hour. She was half-cracked and a big drama queen, which had nothing to do with the pot.

    These “studies” remind me of the pot-scare propaganda of decades ago. “Pot is a gateway to heroin!!” What I don’t get is where following the money on these studies leads, but there’s likely lucrative reasons for these “results” that have nothing to do with science.

    Pre-legalization (1997) quasi-autobiographical comic

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      Thank you. I ALWAYS appreciate feedback from people who know about stuff. It didn’t occur to me to question that it was CNN, cuz it didn’t seem to have a political side. But who knows. I heard Rose McGowan talk about how big money interests pressure news agencies to report what they want and how they want. So maybe somebody has got it in for the marijuana industry. Big Pharma maybe? That I could believe.

      My ignorance about intoxicants is profound. I took a hit off my roommate’s joint once in college. Didn’t like it any more than I liked being drunk, which I also tried intensely enough once to find out what “hangover” means. My brother had similar experiences. His take was, “I hate not being in control.” Probably ditto for me.

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      • “I hate not being in control.” Probably ditto for me.

        Very much likewise. Not remembering is a related terror. “You’re telling me I did what??”

        Used to say I was “on duty” when taking care of our little ones (which was pretty much all the time). Grew to understand, one is always ‘on call.’

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        • chrissythehyphenated

          For a few years, we had a single mom and her kid living with us. We established “POD” (Parent On Duty) status to eliminate kids trying to play us off each other.

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      • I also hate not being in control. One evening about 50 years ago I was at a wine and cheese party and drank a glass or two more wine than I should have, and I got slightly tipsy. That’s as close as I’ve ever been to being drunk. I didn’t like the feeling of not being in control, and I was never again tempted to overindulge.

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        • chrissythehyphenated

          Re: Never having had a hangover … you missed NOTHING of value! LOL

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        • red

          Cheerfully agree, I hate losing control. Hangovers, ouch. 21st birthday party, friends threw a keg party for me, but something in me did not want to go to that party. Instead I called the boss and asked if he could use a hand on that day. He was surprised, but said no. An hour later half the staff called off sick and he asked me to come in. Where I lived, coal mine country, is party country thanks to all the depression (financial and otherwise) it’s called the land of taxes and dead dreams. You never turn down work, so the boss was hated and I was excused. Well, the boss was hated no matter what. Since then, no more dunks. Drinking, yes, but no more getting drunk. God bless!

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