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BODY LANGUAGE GUY: This is interesting [8:39] – My impression of the image was “Here is Harry, the beta male formerly known as Prince, and his Dominatrix.

FAUXTUS: A new Fox News poll finds Biden (used the word “unity” eight times in his inauguration speech) is failing at that too. What a shock. Not.

HATING TRUMP: [4:34] – FAUXTUS and his Democrat handlers purged all Trump appointees to apolitical boards. What a petty, vindictive, mean-spirited ………. I need to lie down and spend some time with Jesus.

SHALOM: “Shalom” is translated into English as “peace”, but it means SO much more than “absence of conflict” [4:09]. I found this material when I was looking deeper into what my daughter’s pastor preached on, which is @ beginning at 32:30.

THE UN-AMERICAN PRESIDENT: Steve Hilton gives us the words for our anger [7:40].

VAX: It reportedly does generally reduce the severity of later infection but so do Regeneron, Ivermectin, and Hydroxychloroquine. Also, vaxxed people are still dying of COVID-19.

WORST PRESIDENT EVER: Judge Jeanine covers stuff Steve Hilton didn’t [9:04].

GRAMMY NOTES: This graphic reminded me of something that happened to me when I was 2 years old, waaaaay before seat belts or car seats. My mother was driving and I was standing on the seat beside her. I remember putting my foot on to the door handle, which in that model opened the car by going DOWN. It did and I ended up in the gutter.

I told my mother once that I remembered it all, which amazed her because I was so young. But hey, it was traumatic to say the least! She filled in the blanks which included that she had just finished a right hand turn (I know the exact corner) so thankfully was going slowly when I opened the door. She said that as soon as she realized I was flying out the door, she laid on the horn and turned the car so no one else could hit me.

I remember her racing around the car to get me. I told her I thought she was really mad at me for falling out of the car. Now that I’ve been in similar situations with my kids (and now a grandkid!), I know she wasn’t mad. She was terrified!

I don’t remember going to the doctor, but apparently, I was fine. It made a heck of an impression though, because as soon as seat belts and later child car seats became available, I was an ardent user and supporter. I remember a baby sitter telling me she had put my not-talking-yet daughter into a car seat to run some errands, then got into the driver’s seat and started to pull out of the driveway. She said my kid kicked up a HUGE fuss, yelling at her and pointing to her waist. She finally realized she hadn’t buckled herself in and my kid was going nowhere until all the belts were fastened. 🙂

CLICK [:48] to see a group of Marines do what real men do … even when they’re in dress unis with WHITE PANTS!


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    Lots of good ones! I like the body language clip and will watch more of his work.Pray, please, and pray always. You are loved.

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