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BIDEN VOTERS: How they pretend that FAUXTUS isn’t a total failure [9:08].

BORDER: Rep. Tony Gonzales predicts the situation at the overflowing, make-shift migrant camp in Del Rio, Texas, is expected to get worse in the coming days.

There’s still this impression that ‘come to Del Rio and you’ll be released. Once you start expelling these migrants, once they start realizing that they’re being expelled there, they’re going to be unruly. There’s no doubt. If you’re Haitian, you’ve been living in Chile for let’s say five years [and] … you were told, ‘Hey, come to the United States, it’s wide open.’ You pay a cartel $3,000, you make this trek, you come here, you wait under a bridge for three days, four days, whatever it is in the blistering hot sun.

Then all of a sudden you’re being told, ‘Hey, we’re going to fly you back to Haiti. There’s a lot at stake, and a lot of people aren’t going to accept that. Right? So, it’s going to get worse before it gets better.”

And BIDEN is in charge? Oy vey.

CANCER DEATHS: Researchers at University College London found that the lockdowns resulted in 40,000 delayed cancer diagnoses. They predict at least 10,000 will die unnecessarily due to delayed treatment.

CATHOLIC: Archbishop Valery Vienneau of Moncton, New Brunswick has decreed that anyone over 12 who attends a religious gathering in a church in his archdiocese “must be doubly vaccinated” against COVID-19.

This reminds me of something that happened to me many years ago. It’s a long story that needn’t be told here, but it resulted in me being unable to attend Mass. I was devastated. Then, I had a vision in which I saw Jesus hovering over the church parking lot. He was huge, but oh so kind. And he told me, “I’m out here too.”

CHILD DEATHS: Sources say FAUXTUS is planning to fly to Chicago on Wednesday next week to talk about forcing Genetic Therapy jabs on minors. Because Democrats CARE about the children. Or something.

CNN: CLICK the link to watch the awesome Gutfeld vs. Carlson Who Is Dumber Debate! Definitely worth 7 minutes of your valuable time, but not where you can’t LOL.

CRUZ on BORDER: Worth watching and sharing [8:23] – Partial transcript of his remarks at the link.

ELITISM:In the space of one week, we have been subjected to the Met Gala, the Emmys, and the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly—three orgies of preening self-congratulation by disgraceful narcissists. Besides their total uselessness to society, these nauseating pageants have a few other things in common: they feature inane political statements by people with distinguished track records of feckless idiocy, they cost exponentially more money than they are worth, and they are forced relentlessly into our field of vision despite the fact that, if we have even a little dignity, we find them repulsive.” – Spencer Klavan

FAUXTUS: CLICK [1:06] to hear Fox News list all the messes Biden’s administration has managed to create in just eight months.

Pew Research polls showed Biden’s inauguration approvals at 54% yes vs. 42% no (plus 12). Their current polls has him at 44% yes vs. 53% no (minus 9). That a drop of 21 points in just eight months!

HUNTER: A new book confirms what we already knew about Hunter Biden’s laptop. CLICK [15:59] to hear Gutfeld review how aggressively the Slime Stream Media suppressed and ridiculed the story back when it would’ve impacted the election.

JAN 6: The Left tried to block release of five videos that give the lie to their “worst assault on Democracy” claims. The videos, embedded at the Buzz Feed link (scroll down) show Americans entering and strolling around the US Capitol peacefully, while police officers stand around.

LIFE: Since the Texas Heartbeat Act went into effect on September 1, 9 of the 17 abortion providers on staff with Whole Woman’s Health abortion chain have decided not to quit. One agreed to stay on with no questions asked; the others agreed only if legal counsel is pre-emptively secured. The chain has clinics in Austin, McKinney, McAllen, and Fort Worth.

It isn’t just the unborn who will be safer from now on. Whole Woman’s Health has a long history of failing to educate staff on proper sanitation and sterilization procedures for surgical abortion instruments, failing to ensure that staff are CPR-trained, failing to properly store hazardous materials, failing to maintain a safe and sanitary environment, and failing to adequately follow-up with abortion pill patients.

Also in Texas, pro-life centers say they’re seeing a significant increase in the number of women seeking their service since the law went into effect.

PSA: I googled this and got a lot of hits saying it is true. “The identity of the compound creating this odor is unknown but it may be the result of the breakdown of some man made plastic like substance in the breaker panel that is breaking down because of the heat.

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: CLICK [4:10] to hear Fox News report about a high school football team that said no to orders to not pray.

THE SCIENCE: I hope this is the one, only, and last time I ever post a link to this dreadful website.

For a palate cleanser, CLICK [:42] and watch it to the end. LOL!!

TRUE FACTS: Wild pigs [8:31].

VOTER ID LAWS: CLICK [3:37] – Sen. Cruz exposes the hypocrisy.

CLICK for one minute of cuteness @

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