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ALABAMA: After a legal challenge, the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Health System backed down on its vax mandate.

EDUCATION: CLICK [16:13] to hear Get Real Dan talk about his personal experiences with his daughter’s school board. E.g., he went to a meeting and made a 3 minute speech. When the school board posted it at their YouTube page, they deleted the last 50 seconds of his speech in which he told the board the parents are organizing a recall election! His was the only comment that was edited. Fortunately, parents film the speakers, so he could play the part they cut. While they were filming the episode, the school district telephoned; he took the call, which was to tell him that his speech was edited because of a technical glitch. Hmm …

FACEBOOK: On Sept. 22, conservative commentator John Stossel filed a defamation law suit against Facebook.

Facebook and ‘fact checking’ activists at a group called Climate Feedback claimed I pushed misleading information – but I never made the claim they said I did! Even after pointing it out to them, they doubled down. Now, I’m suing.”

FAKE NEWS: Because of the fictional use of non-existent whips by mounted Border Patrol agents, the Loser Administration has suspended the BP from using their horses. Kinda goes right along with defunding the police and reducing staff in all essential service industries over covid jabs.

FAUXTUS: CLICK [3:08] to hear a commentary on Biden’s U.N. speech. Re: you excellency – I googled this. “Your Excellency is a courtesy title used when addressing high national officials such as president and cabinet minister, and foreign diplomats such as ambassador and accredited minister.” I did not know this.

FLORIDA: After the FAILURE administration bought up millions of doses of Regeneron, then decided to ration shipments to Republican states, Gov. DeSantis contacted GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), which has the only other approved monoclonal antibody treatment. On Sept. 23, he announced they had obtained 3,000 doses from GSK just for Floridians.

FRENCH BULLDOGS: [:54] – I recently read about a lady who named her Frenchie “Gemma Pell.”

HISTORY: Watch this one – CLICK [18:21] to hear Tucker report on how Lefties have been twisting history for a very long time. And remember … “history” includes anything that happened before right now.

E.g., “January sixth was worse than 9/11, Pearl Harbor, and the Civil War.” So what actually happened on January sixth? Why did the FAUXTUS administration try so hard to block release of January 6 video? Now that they’ve been released, what’s on them? “It’s not national security. It’s fake news security.” – Candace Owens

Beware! When ever they’re all saying the same thing day after day, it’s almost 100% certain to be a politically motivated lie. Whenever I hear one of those news montages, I have to wonder … who writes the talking points they all parrot?

Click the link below to read a letter from one of the political dissidents our government locked up.

HUNTER: Business Insider has reported that Hunter Biden tried to shake down Libya for $2 million. There is a 2:22 video Fox News report embedded at the Fox News link below.

MICHIGAN: Most of Michigan’s hospital chains implemented COVID jab requirements for all employees. Those who refused to submit either resigned or were suspended or fired. These hospitals are now cutting back on services due to staff shortages. Henry Ford Health Systems and Beaumont Health Systems have cut 300 beds between them.

MILITARY: [2:05] – The entire military had only 20 deaths from COVID-19, yet they are forcing the gene therapy jabs on all service members. The results are horrific and I want to cry.

According to a new report, over 600 U.S. Navy SEALs – which is about a quarter of all the active-duty SEALs in America – are refusing the jab. The military is threatening them with not being able to go on missions anymore.

PORN ON THE SUBWAY: The Rotten Apple subway system has begun posted sexually explicit ads that has a lot of people upset. CLICK [1:40] to see some riders decide enough is enough.

REID OUT: She attacks conservatives, trashes the United States, and defends Joe Biden at every turn. She often makes headlines for the nastiness of her rhetoric, which is apparently okay with MSNBC. Not so much with viewers, though. They are leaving in droves. Since January, she has lot 56% of her total viewers and a staggering 71% in the key demographic advertisers look at (adults age 25-54).

SPYGATE: CLICK [4:16] to hear Dan Bongino report on the latest.

Crossfire Hurricane was the code name for the counterintelligence investigation undertaken by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) from July 31, 2016, to May 17, 2017, into links between Russian officials and associates of Donald Trump to interfere with the 2016 presidential election. The Mueller report was the official report from the government’s investigation into Crossfire Hurricane.

STAND UP: I think the most important part of this video is not the punch, but the man’s reaction to it. [2:52] – “Our ancestors endured dungeons, fire, and swords.

WHO IS THINKING FOR YOU: This is an excellent message for us today. There’s especially good stuff between minutes 25 and 40. “Who Thinks For You?

GRAMMY: I love this page from the Buzzers’ book about the Ten Commandments!

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