Blessed All Saints Day

ABORTION: “Hollywood has a history of forcing women into abortions.” In her upcoming book, Things I Should Have Said, Jamie Lynn Spears (younger sister of Britney Spears) talks about the intense pressure she endured at age 16 when she became pregnant. As she describes it, her choices didn’t matter, only her image and her income. The book is due to be released in January.

ART ANALYSIS: [8:37] – The Body Language Guy does a very interesting analysis of a beautiful photograph.

COLIN KRAPPER-NIX: During his Netflix special, “Colin in Black & White”, former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick actually compared the scrutiny NFL wannabes undergo to slave markets.

CLICK [1:24] to see the highly offensive clip. Ain’t it awful what he had to go through before they decided to offer him a $40 million contract to play a GAME.

CONGRESS: CLICK [2:10] to hear Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL-19) rip the way Dems treated representatives of the fossil fuel industry.

CORONA PSYCHOSIS: This article is worth a read – “Governments all across the world deliberately induced fear, even panic, in the citizenry so that the “vaccines” could be pushed out to billions of people. But was the Corona Psychosis part of the plan? Or was it just an incidental byproduct of government-induced panic and hysteria?

FAUXTUS: CLICK [5:06] to hear Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH-4) sum up the first ten months of the worst administration in history.

FLORIDA: CLICK [2:38] to see a news report on how normal things are in south Florida. Surprisingly, it’s a CBS News report.

GODWIN’S LAW: FYI, it’s actually a rip on the fake media, having started after a jerknalist announced that the sports fans chanting “F**k Joe Biden” were actually saying, “Let’s go, Brandon.”

IOWA: Gov. Kim Reynolds signed a bipartisan bill ensuring unemployment benefits for anyone who is fired for refusing the vaxxx. The law also requires employers to waive the mandate for employees who request medical or religious exemptions.

KINDNESS: On Sept. 29, a Billings, Montana firefighter took time to read a story to the young victim of a car accident. For about three years, these firefighters have been carrying book bags for the kids they encounter. The bags, supplied by Usborne Books, help “bring some calm into their lives … some sense of normalcy in a really terrible situation.

NEW YORK CITY: On Monday, dozens of NYC firehouses may be closed due to staffing shortages brought on by Mayor Bill de Blasio’s refusal to give anyone with natural immunity a pass on taking the vaxxx. See OAN report @ [3:48].

RONA HYPOCRISY: On Oct 26, Biden met with his Press Secretary, Jen Psaki. On Oct 27, Psaki tested positive for COVID and went into quarantine. On Oct 28, Biden met with Pope Francis without masks.

For reasons that escape me, Biden was not tested for COVID until Oct 29, after his meeting with the 85 year old pontiff. The test was negative. Biden has received three shots, as I expect the pro-vaxxx pontiff has as well. But as we now know, they don’t work on the Delta variant.

TEXAS: Tucker interviews Gov. Abbott about what the Texas National Guard and Texas Department of Public Safety are doing to protect the people of Texas from the Biden invasion of illegals.

TRANS: Ben Shapiro does a good job explaining the conservative position. [4:08]

VIRGINIA: Yesterday, Youngkin appeared on Life, Liberty, and Levin [6:47] – CLICK [3:49] to hear OAN report on what GOP leaders are doing to secure the vote.

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