Let’s go, Brandon!

Democrats have an astonishing ability to simultaneously ignore issues of substance, while getting their panties in a giant wad over crap that doesn’t matter. Besides their melt downs over Dave Chappelle, they’re also really upset about “Let’s go, Brandon.”

When GOP Rep. Jeff Duncan of South Carolina wore a face mask on the House floor sporting the phrase, Democratic Party chairwoman Jody Gaulin sneered, “Not only does Jeff Duncan not deliver for the people of the third district—I cannot think of a thing he has truly done. He now sports a vulgar slogan on his mask and walks off the floor! The hypocrisy of the Faith and Freedom BBQ is exposed!

And over in the Twitterverse, CNN’s Jim Sciutto wrote, “Think about the lesson is the ‘Let’s go, Brandon’ crowd is teaching their children.

Never mind that the phrase itself is as bland as cream of wheat. The only reason anyone could consider it vulgar is if they are fully aware of its origins as a Fake News attempt to distract viewers from sports fans chanting, “F*** Joe Biden.” LOL

So, one tweeter responded to Schiutto by reminding him that his network was so delighted about a 14-year-old girl flipping the bird at anti-mask protesters outside her school that they interviewed the girl and her equally proud mother on air.

Another reminded tweeters of that time Kathy Griffin mimed performing oral sex on Anderson Cooper during a live New Year’s Eve broadcast. Another posted Griffin’s self-portrait of herself holding a bloody Trump head.

Also, “The absolute staggering hypocrisy and gaslighting the way the Left/media are having the vapors over “Let’s go Brandon” after four years of the most vile and profane insults directed at Trump that none of them batted an eye over.” – Fusilli Spock

I’m so old I remember when Madonna said at the women’s march in Washington, she thought of blowing up the White House.” – shari white

“Advocates of drag queen story hour and sex ed for kindergartners suddenly worried about decorum.” – Auron MacIntyre

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