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I get the impression that these people are among the most vaxx resistant, which makes sense. Not only did many of them catch and recover from the ‘rona, but also they saw the adverse reactions up close and in person.

When I was hospitalized recently, my favorite nurse said she had treated many ‘rona patients without catching it and did NOT trust the vaxxx. But the hospital was doing nothing to stick up for her rights. She couldn’t afford to lose her job, so had submitted to the jab. Another of my nurses was leaving a few days after I was discharged rather than let them inject her. The hospital had also posted big signs in the ER forbidding any recording devices. Let me guess what that was all about……. ::fuming::

I was angry on their behalf BEFORE I met any of them or experienced the low morale and rushed care the staffing shortages inflicted on me for my blessedly brief stay. I just hope to God I don’t have to go back!

In the video [6:58], a scientist with a child examines the risk to benefit ratio of vaxxxing kids. In his calculations, he only considers the known risk of myo/pericarditis vs. the demonstrated benefit from clinical trials. But even with that, the numbers don’t even begin to support mass vaxxxing of minors.

There are now thousands of reports of “neoplasms” (i.e., new tumors) in previously healthy people who got the ‘rona jabs. These include both noncancerous growths and malignant cancers. In addition, individuals have experienced existing tumors abruptly worsen and, in some cases, patients have rapidly deteriorated and died.

A few doctors have also spoken out about the spikes in cancer they have seen. “Since January 1, in the laboratory, I’m seeing a 20-times increase of endometrial cancers over what I see on an annual basis,” pathologist and immunologist/virologist Ryan Cole. “I’m not exaggerating at all because I look at my numbers year over year, and I’m like ‘Gosh, I’ve never seen this many endometrial cancers before.’” Cole said he’s also seeing invasive melanomas in young people “skyrocketing.” [See his 32 minute interview at the Rumble link below.]

As I’ve mentioned before, Israel has one of the highest national vaxxx rates in the world. And now they’re jabbing their kids. The nation has put a huge amount of pressure on citizens to accept the shots, including instituting vaccine passports that are required before citizens can leave the country or enter many stores and entertainment venues.

Their scientists have been good about reporting the efficacy of the jabs, including that its fades rapidly time and isn’t as good for the Delta variant. But they don’t appear to have been exactly pro-active about the adverse reactions issue. In fact, the woman who founded the Testimonies Project (third link below) said she has spoken with “hundreds of people” and “read thousands of testimonies” of people who have been adversely affected by the jab but who have been afraid to speak publicly “due to hostility around this subject.

In the past months, I’ve been hearing about more and more people I know who experienced severe adverse effects shortly after receiving the Pfizer shot. I also noticed that no news company, journalist, reporter, or anyone investigated these events thoroughly and published the data.” After the government began administering the experimental drug to the nation’s children, she realized someone must raise the alarm. “That’s when I decided to take on this task,” she said.

CLICK [1:07:05] to see the project’s film featuring 40 personal testimonies. Full disclosure: I couldn’t bear to watch it.

Elsewhere, I saw that the news of adverse reactions is spreading in Israel. More than one million Israelis have already sacrificed the freedoms their vaxxx passports gave them rather than submit to the now mandatory booster shot.

CLICK the link to watch a Tucker Carlson report [3:26] that I can’t find anywhere else. It appears to be recent and it covers the spike in the numbers of excess non-COVID deaths. At the second link below, Dr. Joel S. Hirschhorn writes on the same subject saying, “If there really are non-infection excess deaths, then the goal is to look beyond often bad and uncertain data from government agencies to correctly figure out whether something especially concerning is happening. Perhaps it could be something that governments do not want to acknowledge and deal with, as we shall see.

He seems to do a thorough job of looking at what the actual number of COVID deaths (from, not with) might be and what the lockdown-related death toll is. Then, he moves on to vaccine-related deaths. And while I admit to being whelmed by all the data he presents, I did fully understand his conclusion:

When you combine (1) the negative efficacy of the vaccine with (2) the negative all-cause mortality benefit, it’s impossible to justify vaccination. Either alone is sufficient to kill the benefit; both of them together makes things even more difficult for recommending vaccination. The bottom line is clear: If you got the vaccine, you were simply more likely to die. The younger you are, the greater the disparity.

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