Let’s Go, Brandon!

CLICK https://www.facebook.com/newsmax/videos/1566148943728037 [6:08] to hear Chris Salcedo talk about the Left’s hypocritical finger wagging over LGB.

Breitbart’s John Hayward sent out a tweet thread that made a ton of sense. “One reason Dems are so comically furious over ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ is they understand it’s the kind of thing that triggers preference cascades – a moment when people look around and realize that huge numbers of their neighbors share what the ruling party claims is a fringe opinion.

The Left expends a huge amount of effort on making its adversaries feel marginalized. They mastered the dark art of making the majority FEEL like a fringe minority. The demoralization-destabilization-subversion strategy of the Left is designed to make normal people feel abnormal.

“’Let’s Go Brandon’ is a moment when vast numbers of Americans who have been told Joe Biden won a sweeping election victory, and has a mystical mandate to destroy and rebuild America, look around and realize most of the country severely dislikes him and distrusts his media.

That’s not a fringe or minority opinion. It’s not extremism. It’s the truth – and it’s not an unreasonable opinion. Biden has been a huge failure in every way that matters. People are still angry about Afghanistan even though his media has ‘moved on.’ They see how feeble he is.

Biden’s horrifying economy is hitting people right in the face, every damn day – every time they visit a gas station or buy groceries. It’s obvious and visceral. No amount of media spin can hide it. The Biden administration’s excuses are hilariously obvious and stupid lies.

But the big reason Let’s Go Brandon caught fire is that Biden and his handlers are so hostile toward the American middle class. Their lies drip with contempt. They can’t conceal the loathing they feel toward the common man. Their policies are aggressively attacking your life.

The media is stunned and panicked over this because they still think they control the national memory bank. They don’t realize people are still thinking and talking about words and deeds the media has deemed irrelevant, archaic, and forgotten.

Afghanistan is the obvious example, but I’ll bet most DNC Media types would be shocked to learn how many people are thinking about Joe Biden’s energy policies, like killing Keystone, every time they watch those prices tick up at the pump. The media forgot, but we haven’t.

Reporters live on social media these days, and they know how lefty astroturf operations work – they’re willing participants in so many of them! – so they assume everything is an orchestrated political op, but Let’s Go Brandon (and its more vulgar predecessor) are real grassroots.

So now they’re going to try to control the preference cascade by shaming and bullying people out of saying Let’s Go Brandon. Back to the old playbook – trick the majority into feeling like a minority, make a popular position feel like fringe extremism, demoralize, destabilize.

It might work, or the moment could pass, although little about Biden’s performance to date suggests he is able or willing to reverse the trend. Biden and his handlers would snarl with rage at the suggestion they should reach out to the growing number of Americans who dislike him.

But as Biden’s loyalists climb on their high horses, purge their memories of everything the Left said about GOP presidents, and shriek about civility, just remember: BIDEN STARTED THIS. He and his party said F-you to a big chunk of America long before they said F-you back. /end”

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