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BOOTY JUDGE: If you CLICK [3:01], you will be forced to listen to White House jerknalist April Ryan ask FAUXTUS’ Sec’y of Transportation, “Can you give us the construct of how you will deconstruct the racism that was built into the roadways?” And if you don’t turn if off, you’ll have to listen to Mayor Pete, who is finally back from paternity leave, answer her very seriously.

EFFING BEE: The Kyle Rittenhouse case is going so poorly for the mainstream media narrative that Facebook is blocking searches. Above are my results from “kyle rittenhouse.” Changing it to “rittenhouse kyle” did produce results … for now. FYI: A similar search for “george floyd” produced numerous results, so it’s not about the order of the name.

ENERGY: CLICK [:22] to see Saule Omarova say “we” want coal, gas, and oil companies to go bankrupt. Omarova is FAUXTUS’ nominee to be comptroller of the currency, so it’s obvious who “we” is.

As far as I can figure, the entire goal of the Democrat regime is to destroy the U.S. as fast as possible so that globalists won’t have to deal with a prosperous, free America when they make their move to take over the world.

INFRASTRUCTURE: CLICK [9:04] to hear Get Real Dan call out FAUXTUS’ Energy Secretary’s Big Fat Lies, followed by an interview with David Williams about what’s really in the recently passed $1.2 Trillion infrastructure bill. They say a maximum of $300 Billion will actually go to build hard infrastructure like bridges.

MEDIA: CLICK [3:23] to hear Rick Scott school a CNN reporter live when she claims CRT is not taught in schools. Keep it up, Lefties. We are NOT dumb. And we DO vote!

PAY OFF: Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) proposed the “Illegal Immigration Payoff Prohibition Act” to stop the U.S. Attorney General from using taxpayer funds to make settlement payments to anyone who has violated U.S. immigration laws. The bill had almost 150 co-sponsors. On Friday evening, 221 House Democrats voted to block consideration of the bill.

Democrats are so out of touch with voters! In a recent poll, disapproval of these proposed payments was high in all categories. With the “No Opinions” removed, the combined (Dem, GOP, Independent) percentages were 78.2% Disapprove vs. 21.8% Approve. You can see the breakdown at the Trafalgar link below.

PROJECT VERITAS: Watch this! “An attack on the First Amendment by the Department of Justice.” [12:20] – Hannity: “What is the alleged crime?” O’Keefe’s lawyer: “I don’t know. … This is outrageous and unprecedented.

Personally, I can’t believe this is about the diary. It smells to me like that’s just the excuse the corruptocrats are using to get into O’Keefe’s business. Which begs the question … what are they really looking for?!

RITTENHOUSE: [7:17] – CLICK [16:05] to see Tucker’s report about how the prosecutions witnesses kept strengthening Rittenhouse’s case

CLICK to find lots of other video clips showing the guy Rittenhouse shot was totally asking for it.

Dinesh D’Souza tweeted, “I’m amused at all the leftists asking what legitimate business #KyleRittenhouse had in Kenosha. I would pose exactly the same question about the looters, rioters and arsonists.

VAXXX: According to VAERS, there have been 2,433 fetal deaths among pregnant women who have been injected with one of the COVID-19 shots. Most were from the Pfizer (1,862 deaths) and Moderna (656 deaths) shots. Compare this to the VAERS result of 2,183 for fetal deaths among pregnant women following all other vaccinations over the past thirty years.

Last month (October, 2021) the New England Journal of Medicine admitted that the original study used to justify the CDC and the FDA in recommending the shots to pregnant women was flawed. A re-analysis of these figures indicates a cumulative incidence of spontaneous abortion ranging from 82% (104/127) to 91% (104/114), 7–8 times higher than the original authors’ results.”

CLICK [5:30] to see a newborn baby whose mother was forced to get the jab before her hospital would admit her for a C-section. Doctors can find no cause, but we’ve seen these uncontrollable muscle spasms in other vaxxxine-injured individuals.


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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    My cousin’s sister is a nurse. She just emailed me, “My sister was telling me tonight what the nurses are seeing. Normally there would be an average of one stillbirth per week, and they are now seeing 9 in 36 hours.”