COVID-19 Update

ATHLETES: CLICK [20:48] to hear John-Henry Westen talk about a sudden increase in post-vaxxx deaths and injuries among super fit, super healthy, young athletes.

ILLINOIS: The family of an elderly patient at Edward Hospital in Naperville, Illinois, went to court after the hospital refused to give him ivermectin. The court so ordered. The hospital still refused.

The family asked that an outside doctor be allowed to visit the patient to administer the drug and the hospital refused that as well. So, the court ordered he be allowed in. The hospital still refused.

It was only after a third court order that the hospital finally allowed the outside doctor to visit the patient to administer the treatment that he and his family had chosen.

MANDATES: Federal workers who have recovered from COVID-19 have filed a class-action lawsuit against Dr. Anthony Fauci and other government officials over a COVID-19 vaccine mandate that still forces them to get a jab. The government failed to offer an exemption for naturally immune workers or to explain why natural immunity isn’t an acceptable alternative to the shots.

MEDIA: CLICK [4:44] to see an OAN report about a CNN reporter who has been stalking and shaming parents who send their kids to a Florida school that does not require masks or vaxxxing.

NEW YORK CITY: The Rotten Apple is now offering $100 to kids ages 5-11 who get a COVID shot.

VAXXX INJURIES: CLICK [5:28] to hear OAN report on mounting evidence that not only are COVID injections more dangerous than previously thought, but the government has known about it all along. For example, the vaxxx kills many times more children than the virus does, yet the government is pushing ahead with requiring kids get the shots. And even in the most at-risk elderly, the vaxxx kills twice as many as the virus does.

GRAMMY NOTES: I was chatting on the phone with Mama Buzz while she and Bunny were out doing errands. Bunny heard us mention COVID-19 and asked when she was going to get vaccinated. Mama said, “We’re not.” Bunny said something about being afraid of the virus if she didn’t get a shot and Mama assured her, “I am your mother. I have done my research and decided that it is best for us if we do not get the shots.” What I find most disturbing about this is that our mascots are home schooled and their parents monitor their media. Yet the Left’s insidious and evil messaging has managed to reach them anyway.


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  1. red

    Wow, if you didn’t hit the jackpot saying that.

    When the kids started to talk vaxxing, I told them “Castro claimed he owned Elian Gonzalez because he owned Cuba as some sort of fief.”

    And, “It must be remembered Castro and his brother, as well as Che Guevara were raised in Nazi nations. Hitler did as he wanted to the people, to all people, because he owned them like cattle. The dnc has always believed it has the right to own us as if we were cattle.” To date, only one child took the vax and only because she was ordered to by superior officers (Navy). One grandson works for TSA and he told them what Pop told him.

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