Lying Liar

This is sad, but also kind of fascinating and funny in a depraved and pathetic way.

After the Uvalde shooting, a guy named Jason R. Nauertz (@MyCancerJourney) tweeted that, after he had identified one of the Uvalde victims as his nephew, he was approached at his home by a representative for Gov. Abbot who allegedly offered the family money to say we don’t need stronger gun laws.

He was asked to leave and said that if we speak about this conversation we will be facing charges and possibly worse. We responded with f*** you, try me and find out. Then we were told people get hurt and disappear all the time. F*** Greg Abbott and this harassment while we all mourn.”

Andy Ngo looked into the man and found out he lives in Spokane, WA, not Texas. Ngo also revealed that he has a long history of pushing out fantabulous claims on his Twitter account. E.g., claiming “I’m black” and “I have black children”, while his other on-line accounts show a guy who is even whiter than Shaun King.

Ngo and others did a deep dive into this loon’s online accounts and found that he has claimed that he also had a nephew who was shot and killed by Spokane police and that nobody cared. He’s also mentioned a brother who was killed in Iraq and works at the airport and is gay.

He has claimed he was in the military from 1998-2010, deployed multiple times, was a prisoner of war for 31 days, and received the Purple Heart. He also enjoys shooting at vehicles driving by bearing Trump flags.

He has also tweeted that his job in the military was “hacking”, which leaves one wondering how he became a POW or was wounded. I’m no expert, but my impression from stuff my deployed kids have said is that the techies and nerds stayed on the FOB, where it was safe. Also, Ngo looked it up and says nobody named Jason R. Nauertz ever received the Purple Heart.

A tweeter posted the screenshot above in response to his vet claims. I’m not positive, but it looks as if a current search of his military status showed Aug. 1, 1998, as the last date of service. He has said he joined the military in 1998. Based on his stated age and birth date (both mentioned in tweets), he likely enlisted in the spring, was graduated from high school in May, and left for the ten week Army Basic Training course shortly thereafter. If that 8/1/98 date really is his last military record, then he washed out before he finished Basic.

He has also claimed he was a 9/11 first responder who “dug for days.” If this had happened, it would have been while he was allegedly in the Army, when it couldn’t have happened. The first responders were all New York City police and fire fighters. The military also did not officially assist in clean up; as I recall, all active duty troops were ordered back to base following the attack. I dunno if Robin Williams helped out on the dig or not. I didn’t find any evidence of it when I googled. But hey, if Jason can imagine being on the dig, then he can imagine Robin Williams was there also.

Jason’s health problems are apparently the stuff of legend. On Jan. 8, 2021, Jason tweeted that he was dying of cancer. In May, he says he was being sued. Then, in June, he claimed he had just had a liver transplant. I’m pretty sure they don’t waste perfectly good organs on people with cancer.

But wait, it gets better. One month after he gets his brand new liver, he tweeted, “My cancer has spread and is affecting my liver. I’ve been given 2 options. Prepare for the end or get the VA to cover treatment. They just denied me.” … but somebody paid for a liver transplant and is providing the thou$ands/month the lifetime of anti-rejection meds cost? Riiiiight. But, hey, you gotta admire the guy’s range, right?

On Sept. 17, 2021, he said he was still being denied treatment by the VA (maybe because he was never actually in the Army?) and suggested his exposure from 9/11 (that never happened) caused his cancer (that he probably doesn’t have). “So now my kids lose their dad for doing the right thing.” Does this guy know what “right” even is?

Twelve days later, his wife (if he even has one) tweeted that his lung had collapsed and he had been put into a medically induced coma. Just two weeks later, this appeared.

Wow, has this guy got bad luck or what?! The previous April, he said he had had a stroke in 2017, after which he had to learn to walk and talk all over again. Then, as if he doesn’t have enough problems, just five days after his second stroke, he was back in an induced coma with double pneumonia. Good thing he has a GoFundMe to help with all these medical expenses the VA is refusing. I gotta wonder though … I’ve been hospitalized many times, but have never been dressed in prison orange. Hmm …

So, just to recap. Between June 1, 2021 and October 6, 2021, Jason had a liver transplant, a collapsed lung, a stroke, double pneumonia and had been put into an induced coma twice, all while battling cancer. Yet, astonishingly (what a trooper!), he was well enough on October 7, 2021, to write a nasty tweet about Sen. Tom Cotton.

In a follow up tweet, he even claimed that he had testified at Cotton’s trial. I know for a fact that the Army takes rape charges very seriously and that if Cotton had done it and been convicted, he’d be in Leavenworth. As it is, his Wikipedia bio says he was honorably discharged.

I’m sitting here wondering how Jason never got COVID, real or imaginary. I mean, he’s had everything else! And there was a pandemic! But I saw no mention of it and I can’t personally search his Twitter account cuz he deleted it.

However, alert readers did screen captures of his claim to having had a second liver transplant in the first week of May 2022, just three weeks before he said he was called upon to go identify his nephew in Uvalde.

A whole bunch of tweeters cried b.s. on that one, citing their personal experiences with liver transplant surgery, which comes with a months-long and very painful recovery with mandatory isolation, because of the immune suppression drugs. So anyway, after Ngo and some other tweeters outed him, Nauertz claimed he had been hacked and deleted his online presence. Bwahahahaha … the Army hacker was hacked … bwahahaha.

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  1. I’ve met people with rich fantasy lives before, but this guy takes the cake.

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