Memorial Day

2A: CLICK [1:41] to hear Sen. Cruz call for protecting the rights of law-abiding citizens.

We must not react to evil and tragedy by abandoning the Constitution or infringing on the rights of our law-abiding citizens. Now is not the time to yield to panic or intimidation or fear. Now is not the time for lies. It is not the time for empty political gestures. Now is the time for unity. Now is the time for love. And now is the time for action; to protect our rights; to stop those with evil in their hearts; and to do everything humanly possible to protect our children and to protect our families.”

FAUXTUS: This weekend, Naval Academy and Delaware University grads were forced to listen to FAUXTUS lie to them. One might suppose his lies are just symptomatic of his increasing dementia, except he’s been plagiarizing and lying and getting caught at it and continuing to repeat the same for decades. I feel sorry for his guardian angel. Click to read Nick Arama’s list of lies.

HUMMINGBIRD RESCUE: [3:53] – You might need a tissue. 🙂 Or, maybe I’m just really weepy, because my baby girl has had a medical emergency and I can’t be there. ::sniff::

KARMA: On Friday, the manager of the San Francisco Giants baseball team stayed in the dugout during the National Anthem. He said it was because of the Uvalde shooting. The flag and the anthem are extra meaningful this weekend and, frankly, I’m not getting how disrespecting the sacrifice of dead soldiers who chose to defend this man’s right to be an a-hole is somehow showing respect for a bunch of little kids who were gunned down by a pissed off teenager. But whatever … his team lost 5-1 to the Cincinnati Reds. Maybe his team was thrown off their game with embarrassment over his woke virtue signaling.

NARWHAL TUSKS: The graphic above would do any movie justice. I imagine the trailer would show the handsome hero (with piercing blue eyes, of course) bravely battling a vicious terrorist brandishing not one, but two knives, using nothing but a narwhal tusk. And it all happens on London Bridge. Sounds like a great summer blockbuster, right? Except it actually happened in 2019. LOL (N.b., this is the first I heard of it.)

GRAMMY NOTES: Prayers please for my baby girl, Marine Princess. She had a pituitary tumor removed on May 5 and was recovering well until they took the stents out. She’s back in the hospital for exploratory surgery because the nose bleeds won’t stop. (FYI: They access the pituitary through the nose.)

CLICK [3:04] and tissue alert!

CLICK [:23] for LOL!

CLICK [short] for LOL and CHOKING ALERT!

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