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CPC: On Friday, pro-aborts vandalized a D.C. Crisis Pregnancy Center. CPCs do nothing but offer pregnancy women choices other than abortion. Pro-aborts don’t believe in choice. They believe in killing babies.

END TIMES PROPHECY: The Easter season ended yesterday with Pentecost Sunday. Today, I am beginning a new spiritual feature. I believe the Tribulation period may have started last fall and that we are most urgently in need of the guidance being offered by God through His seers and Bible teachers. My plan is to post videos, which will mostly be too long, but give you in text form the bit I think is most important.

Today’s video[14:55] talks about the vision St. Malachy (pron. mal-a-kee) had in 1139, in which he was shown all the popes from his day until the end. Over the centuries, his vision has proven to be remarkably accurate. St. Pope John Paul II was the third from the end. Pope Benedict XVI was the second from the end. And Pope Francis is the last.

GROOMING: A North Carolina pre-school teacher has resigned after parents raised a ruckus over her using LGBTQ+ flashcards to teach the kids their colors.

LIFE: I saw the photo above on Facebook, then later, still on FB, I saw this posted by LiveAction. “We got this message on Monday. ‘I am pregnant and I was going to have an abortion… thanks to your page my mind changed completely. He or she is important to me already and you guys made me see this.’

MEN: Real men aren’t toxic. They’re heroic. CLICK for another one.

MIDTERMS: Rep. Chris Jacobs of the 27th New York congressional district, who once promised to protect the Second Amendment rights of his constituents, has decided he favors a ban on the AR-15. Since this puts him at odds with the party, he’s not running for re-election.

CLICK [:50] to hear a Dem rep talk out his butt cheeks about gun control.

Automatic” means you can fire many bullets with one trigger pull. “Semi-automatic” means you can shoot one bullet with one trigger pull, then the next bullet moves into place. Almost every gun on the civilian market is semi-automatic, including revolvers.

Democrats want to ban anything that doesn’t require you to physically do something time consuming to your weapon to get the next bullet into the chamber. These include single shot pistols, double barrel shotguns, pump or bolt action rifles/shotguns, and historical guns, like breech loaders, used in military re-enactments.

MONKEYPOX: The CDC says there are 17 current cases of monkeypox in the U.S., sixteen of which are in men who had sexual relations with other men.

PRO-WHAT: The terms “pro-life” and “pro-choice” are essentially meaningless, which is why I prefer to identify as “anti-abortion.” There are people who identify as “pro-life”, like Joe Biden, who support abortion on demand up to natural birth. And there are people who identify as “pro-choice” who support sharp restrictions on abortion, such as allowing it only during the first three months. In addition, Gallup’s historical record shows that people’s identifications are heavily influenced by media coverage, suggesting they themselves don’t know what the terms mean.

PUBERTY BLOCKERS: There is seriously big money involved in foisting trans ideology on children. [3:38] – Side effects of the drug Lupron for children commonly include body aches or pain, chest tightness, chills, cough, cough producing mucus, difficulty in breathing, ear congestion, fever, headache, loss of voice, muscle aches, noisy breathing, pain or redness at the injection site, runny or stuffy nose, sneezing, sore throat, and unusual tiredness or weakness. Less common are irritability and mood or mental changes.

WHAT IS A WOMAN: CLICK [2:35] to see a clip from the movie. Poor Democrat politician can’t defend his party’s b.s. position, because it’s, you know, b.s. Fundamentally, they’re telling us that a tiny minority of neurotic males have more of a right to feel “comfortable” while performing intimate bodily functions in a public facility than do the vast majority of normal women.

GRAMMY NOTES: Part way through the Crowning of Mary decade of our Sunday rosary, I suddenly couldn’t speak. At all. I reached out and grabbed Dearest, who immediately said a binding prayer. And just as immediately, I could speak again. Boy howdy, do demons really hate the rosary!


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