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2A: Black women are the fastest-growing group of gun owners in the United States.

BIBLE STUDY: [22:10] – This Bible story has always confused me, but Brandon Robbins blew it wide open. The depths of meaning in it are incredible!

END TIMES PROPHECY: Eduardo Ferreira Mary in Brazil reports that the Blessed Mother gave him a message on Oct 12, 2021. Part of it was, “On this day I warn you that experiments on human beings will have very sad consequences for all humanity. The sign is visible, but many do not want to see it.” Hmm … I wonder if she’s talking about the ‘rona vaxxx. Also, “Pray for priests and missionaries. The time of the successor of Peter is coming to an end.

MIDTERMS: A new ABC/Ipsos poll found 80% of Americans feel inflation will be an extremely or very important factor in how they vote. Seventy-four percent say the same for gas prices. I’m guessing the other 6% use public transportation.

S&G: At a Dallas drag show for kids, grown men dressed as scantily clad women taught kids how to catwalk like sex symbols in front of a neon sign saying, “IT’S NOT GONNA LICK ITSELF.” CLICK (or not) [1:28]. There are others, but you’ll have to go to Not the Bee and/or Twitchy. And I warn you, you may need a bleach bath after. What kind of parents think this is appropriate for their little ones?!

THE CHOSEN: Another miracle for Season 3 [6:43] – They shot the first part of the Sermon on the Mount in Season 2 when it was very cold, overcast and gray. Now, they’re under the sunny summer sky in Texas, trying to film a continuation of the Sermon on the Mount. It gives me goosebumps to see how God arranged the weather for them. 🙂

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