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BABY FORMULA: Rep. Kat Cammock says the Biden regime has been shipping pallets of baby formula to the border for months, where they are holding it in anticipation of the latest caravan coming from Mexico.

In better news, the Abbott Nutrition baby formula plant in Sturgis, MI, has finally reopened, nearly four months after the FDA shut it down. The closure of the plant was a central factor in America’s nationwide baby formula shortage.

CANCER: [7:31] – A small trial in which cancer patients were given monoclonal antibodies produced the first ever result of 100% remission in every patient.

EDUCATION: A Wisconsin judge has sided with parents who sued Kettle Moraine School District for hiding children’s “gender transitions” saying the rights of parents supersede those of school district administrators in determining what is best for their children. Evidence shows that 85-95% of children who are confused about their gender grow out of it if they are allowed to go through puberty normally.

END TIMES PROPHECY: This video is about spiritual warfare, which is becoming more and more important to understand and learn to do. “Don’t get scared. Just get prepared.” [1:38:45] – “Satan is not supposed to be able to stand up to God … but to lose to a 15-year-old Jewish girl? To lose to a little girl?!

INVOLUNTARY DENIED BOARDING: CLICK if you or anyone you know ever flies. You need to know this! Below is a full explanation of passenger rights from the DOT.

There’s another one @ about being compensated for bag delays. I expect this might vary from airline to airline, but it’s worth finding out before it happens to you.

J6: CLICK [45:32] to see the newly released documentary “The Truth About January 6th.” Gateway Pundit says, “This film is historical in the fact it was co-produced and narrated by January 6th Political Prisoner Jake Lang from solitary confinement. Lang is arguably one of the most persecuted January 6th defendants and political prisoners in America today.”

NIGERIA: On Jun 6, gunmen killed 50 people at St. Francis Catholic Church in Owo. So far, no one has claimed responsibility.

PLANNED PARENTHOOD: CLICK [3:29] to hear just how evil and useless PP is. You probably do not know about FQHC. I went to the website (below) and put in my location. There are four of these places, all in the same, conservative city just to the north of me. But in Ithaca, the Deep Blue Home of Cornell University, there are zero. They have a Planned Parenthood though. Imagine that.

S&G: [1:38] – The slippery slope is real. In the New York Post article, “Nathaniel” describes how he engages in intercourse with his red Chevy, which he has gendered as male and affectionately named “Chase.

VAXXX: A French study suggests that the vaxxx may have contributed to the emergence of a new type of sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD). CJD is a rare disease caused by an abnormal protein in the brain called a prion. Prions naturally occur in the brain and are usually harmless, but when they become diseased or misfolded, they will affect nearby prions to also become misshapen, leading to deterioration of brain tissue and death. The new form is more aggressive and rapid in progression than the traditional form. There is no treatment for either form.

GRAMMY NOTES: I’m blown away right now. A friend of our own Mama Buzz is at the Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes and, get this, they had a video chat! Mama got to “walk” around the grotto area where Mary appeared to Saint Bernadette and where the healing waters still flow. What an incredible blessing for both of them. ❤

SHORTS: CLICK and tissue alert. ❤ Then grab another tissue and CLICK Okay, so now you need a laugh, so CLICK and LOLOL And, finally, definitely CLICK cuz Truth.


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