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CRISIS PREGNANCY CENTER: On Tuesday, CompassCare in Buffalo, New York, suffered major damage when the pro-abortion activist group, Jane’s Revenge, firebombed the building. Click the link if you want to donate towards repairs.

END TIMES PROPHECY: On Jan. 15, 2022, a visionary named Lorena reported that St. Michael the Archangel told her, “The pre-Tribulation has already begun for a long time and the Tribulation is about to begin. When everything is at its worst, God the Father will send the Illumination of Consciences so that men repent and can return to God.”

FETUS-PHOBIA: CLICK [4:26] to hear Kristan Hawkins argue with an angry lesbian about who has the right to hate and kill other people. Research has demonstrated repeatedly that it’s pro-lifers who do the most to help mothers and babies after birth. Pro-aborts love to condemn us for not doing anything or not doing enough; what do they do besides promote killing unborn babies?

J6: CLICK [7:41] to hear Peter Navarro talk about the manner in which and the reason why FBI agents arrested him, hauled him away in cuffs and leg irons, strip searched, and denied food, water, and a phone call. He lives across the street from the FBI. But rather than phone or knock on his door to request a voluntary surrender, they leaked to the press and waited until he was at the airport, so they can perform for the cameras.

He says this is unprecedented, and it may be if only because he was a senior White House official. But what they did to Roger Stone was worse, alerting the media and sending a SWAT team to his home so they could storm in while being filmed taking down one of Trump’s men. Mrs. Stone is DEAF, so she was awakened at dawn by scary guys in guns standing by her bed!

Navarro talks about what it’s going to cost him to hire a lawyer and fight this. The Stones lost everything … all their savings, their home, cars, reputations. The only thing he didn’t lose was his freedom, because after he was convicted and sentenced to 40 months in prison, Trump commuted his sentence and later pardoned him.

Interestingly, he was convicted for defending Trump of the false Russian collusion claims, but was convicted and sentenced to prison. Recently, we saw how Sussmann, one of the people who perpetrated the Russia hoax on behalf of Hillary, was acquitted. This is not who we’re supposed to be about in this country, but it is how “justice” works in Democrat ‘Merikkka.*

*The people in the white KKK hoods were all Democrats. The people who fought a Civil War to preserve their right to own slaves were all Democrats. The people who passed all those Jim Crow laws Democrats now weep crocodile tears about were all Democrats.

MONKEYPOX: On Monday, the CDC recommend that people go back to wearing masks when traveling because of monkeypox. The only U.S. cases have been among men who have had sex with other infected men, plus a few of the unfortunates who have had sustained contact with them and their belongings, because they share their households.

NEW JERSEY: The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) has notified the New Jersey Secretary of State that the Jersey’s voter rolls contain tens of thousands of registered voters who have missing or fake biographical information. For example, nearly 2,400 active voters are allegedly more than 100 years old, including many who are a lot more based on their registered birth dates.

Even odder are the ones with birth dates that haven’t happened yet; are the clerks complicit or just stupid? In addition, more than 8,200 people are registered twice, 61 more are registered three times, seven more are registered four times, three more are registered five times, and one is registered six times.

It occurs to me that, if PILF can find this, then the people running the elections in NJ could find this. Oh wait, they’re all Democrats. Never mind.

OREGON: More than a year ago, Oregon became the first state in the nation to decriminalize possession of personal amounts of heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, and other drugs. It’s been an utter failure.

Supposedly, drug treatment programs were going to be magically funded by tax revenue from the state’s legal marijuana industry, which didn’t happen. And, golly gee whiz, druggies didn’t much care. During the whole year, only 136 people entered treatment. Meanwhile, overdoses jumped by 700% in just one county.

And … this’ll shock you (not) … legalizing addictive drugs led to, can you imagine, a staggering increase in the amount of the crap dealers shipped into the state. Marijuana and oxy increased by more than 10 times; fentanyl increased by more than 20 times.

MARIJUANA: 90,010 lbs. seized in 2020 > 966,328 lbs. seized in 2021.

OXYCODONE: 1,189 doses seized in 2020 > 10,188 doses seized in 2021.

FENTANYL: 27,282 doses seized in 2020 > 482,111 doses seized in 2021.

PROJECT VERITAS: CLICK [1:20] to hear a CBS documentary associate explain that CBS uses its own reporting to fact check its reporting.

GRAMMY NOTES: Home school is awesome. Mama Buzz is able to let the kids dive as deep as they want into a subject. Right now, they’re studying body parts.

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