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2A: On Wednesday, gun rights activist Lucretia Hughes, a member of the DC Project — Women for Gun Rights, testified that communities need secure schools and societal improvements rather than gun control laws that do nothing to prevent people with evil hearts from obtaining firearms.

The laws being discussed are already implemented in cities across this country. We have decades of evidence proving they do not work. St. Louis, New York, Chicago, Washington, Atlanta — are gun control utopias and they are plagued with the most violence.

BANANA REPUBLIC: On Thursday, federal agents arrested the Republican Michigan gubernatorial candidate, Ryan Kelley, and charged him with having committed four misdemeanors during the January 6, 2021 protest. Also on Thursday, the House’s J6 Kangaroo Committee began public hearings on how to keep Trump from running in 2024.

END TIMES PROPHECY: Luz de Maria reports that Our Lady said, “Watch out for those who call themselves Christians yet who despise the cross, who claim to be followers of my Son, and yet despise their brothers and sisters. … Remain in a state of grace. Resist sin. … Keep your spiritual senses in a state of alert. This time is serious and difficult. … The unexpected will come like the wind. I am your mother. I will not abandon you. Take refuge in my Immaculate Heart.”

FAUXTUS: The latest Quinnipiac poll shows Slow Joe has slipped even further into the hole in traditionally Dem demos.

GEORGIA: The team at VoterGA released a report on Thursday showing how hand counts proved the Dominion voting machines have again switched votes from one candidate to another and declared the loser the winner. In the recent election, one precinct’s machines awarded Raffensperger 15% more votes than he actually got. In another, Dominion showed a candidate who wasn’t even on the ballot with more than 3,000 votes and the candidate who actually got 49.7% of the votes with zero.

GOOD GUY WITH GUN: Aka, “Stories The Media Will Ignore” – On Thursday morning, a man aggressively attempted to enter Walnut Park Elementary School in Gadsden, Alabama, where children were attending a summer literacy program. He was unable to enter, because all the exterior doors were locked. The school’s principal saw the attempted intruder and immediately put the school in lockdown before calling the school resource officer. When the officer encountered the man, he attempted to take the officer’s weapon, so he’s dead now. He never got near the kids.

HYPOCRISY: [14:06] – On the very same day that an armed, pro-abort man was arrested outside Justice Kavanaugh’s home, Nancy Pelosi refused to allow the House to vote for increased security for the justices. The Senate had already passed the same bill by a unanimous vote.

The Washington Post (where “Democracy dies in darkness”) buried news of the arrest in its “Local Crime” section. FAUXTUS and Schumer are ::crickets:: about the arrest.

Meanwhile the January 6 committee is trying to blame Trump for the J6 violence, despite the fact that, before the march, Trump forcefully told his supporters to march peacefully. Fortunately, since Americans aren’t all as stupid as the hosts of The View, the prime time televised hearings were a total ratings bomb.

MICHIGAN: The Sheriff’s Department of Isabella County has had to put a limit on in-person responses to 911 calls. It’s only June, but with the cost of gas, they’ve already used up their annual fuel budget.

MIDTERMS: [4:48] – Inflation is #1. Congress is trying to blame J6 on Trump.

MONKEYPOX: CLICK [8:28] to hear Dr. Peter McCullough talk about monkeypox, how it’s treated, and why masks are unnecessary, especially for those of us who are old enough that we were vaxxed against smallpox. The disease is not all that dangerous and there is a drug for it. But, gee, what a “surprise” that the unapproved vaccine the gummint has bought a gajillion doses of from Big Dem Donor Pharm causes myocarditis.

RACISM: On June 8, Lindsey Granger, a black female gun owner, wasted her time on a true labor of Sisyphus when she attempted to insert some facts and common sense into a gun control discussion on The View. In typical fashion, Joy Behar ignored all data and logic in favor of telling Lindsey to shut her pie hole: “Once black people get guns in this country, the gun laws will change, trust me.” And the Democrat sheeple in the audience applauded. CLICK [:12] not so much to hear the stupid people as to see the look on Lindsey Granger’s face.

WAIT, WUT?: MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow said, out loud and on the air, that the Trump rally had nothing to do with the Capitol breach. CLICK [:22] to hear it for realsies.

FACEBOOK SHORTS: I’m sorry if you can’t watch these.

CLICK to see an awesome bowling trick shot.


CLICK to hear why this woman needs a new bff.

RUMBLE SHORT: You don’t need FB to see this one!

CLICK [:27] cuz LOL.

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