Trinity Sunday

I invite you to hear today’s Scripture readings and listen to Father Tom Macdonald’s wonderful homily about the Trinity. The first reading begins at 3:30; the homily concludes at 13:40.

The Trinity is the central mystery of the Christian faith.

God is three distinct Persons, each of whom have the same Nature, the same Substance, and the same Being.

The Son comes from the Father, but is not created by the Father. God the Father is the Thinker; God the Son is the Thought.

God must be a Trinity, because He is Love and Love cannot exist without a Beloved and the Love that is between them. The Father is the Lover; the Son is the Beloved; the Holy Spirit is the Love that is between them. Because God is God, the Love that is between the Father and the Son is a Person.

The Holy Family and our human families mirror the Holy Trinity.

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  1. This is a Trinity blessing.

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