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BIDENFLATION: On Nov. 12, 2020, Dino Grandoni wrote an article at The Washington Post entitled, “Conservatives predict gas prices will spike under Biden. Experts say those fears are overblown.” Grandoni is a reporter on WaPo’s national desk where he focuses on environmental issues.

CATHOLIC: The strongly pro-family Bishop of Phoenix, Thomas J. Olmsted, has turned 75 and is being forced into retirement. On Friday, Pope Francis announced his replacement will be the ardently pro-LGBT San Diego Auxiliary Bishop John P. Dolan.

Olmsted has been a strong voice against the subversion of Catholic teaching on marriage and sexuality. Dolan is one of American’s top ten homosexuality-promoting Catholic bishops. He was first promoted to Auxiliary Bishop of San Diego by Pope Francis in 2017.

Prior to that, Dolan was at St. John the Evangelist in Hillcrest, a pro-LGBT parish that employed an openly homosexual man as pastoral associate and director of young adult ministry. The graphic above is what is currently displayed on its LGBTQ page.

CHILD ABUSE: Kevin Sorbo tweeted the following – “Can I drive the car?” No, you’re 5. “Can I have a beer?” No, you’re 5. “Can I have a cigarette?” No, you’re 5. “Can I change my gender?” Of course! You know what’s best!

DEMOCRACY: [8:30] – Democrats play by the rules? Which rules would those be … the ones Hitler and Stalin used? Listening to FAUXTUS was painful, but watching Kimmel slobber over his ridiculous statements made me want to puke.

DEMOCRATS: Before the Kangaroo Clown Show (aka, J6 hearings), Rep. Jim Jordan snarked, “When’s the prime time hearing on record crime in Democrat-run cities?

AOC responded with, “According to CBS News out of the Top 10 deadliest cities in America, 7 of them are in Republican-run states.”

And all TEN of them are run by DEMOCRATS. Plus, you know, all 10 out of 10 deadliest cities in America are also in a Democrat-run country.

DEMONIC: [:14] – “Maxi Glamour” is ”a non-binary multidisciplinary artist and community organizer based out of St. Louis.” He calls himself the “Demon Queen of Polka and Baklava” and he is happy to play his flute for your toddlers.

END TIMES PROPHECY: The Greek word for witnesses is μάρτυρες (aka, mártyres). [6:27] – We must have the courage and the commitment to be like Jesus, even if it means dying in our bodies. The alternative is to lose our souls forever.

EXORCISM: This woman is an Army chaplain who somehow got involved in freeing this man from demonic spirits while at a Church’s Chicken restaurant. The part where the man accepted Jesus must have happened before the video starts, because she commands the demon based on that. I happened to watch this right after I watched Father Mike’s exhortation for us to be martyrs for Christ. Wow. [2:07] – English translation: “0:04 That body and that soul belong to Christ. Submit right now in the name of Christ. 0:08 (demon slaps his face) Do not hurt him. He belongs to Christ now in the name of Christ. 0:22 I cast you out with the blood and the name of Christ. Get out. 0:28 As she leads him down, Throw him up, throw him up in the name of Jesus Christ. 0:44 I declare him free now by the power of the blood if Jesus Christ. 0:50 Demon says, He is mine.” Chaplain replies, “No, he was never yours.” 0:57 He belongs to Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. 1:15 Chaplain prays in tongues. 1:27 Throw him up. He belongs to Christ. Get out in Jesus’ Name. 2:01 Spirit of depression come out, spirit of drug addiction and homosexuality, I rebuke you in the Name of Christ.

GAS: A Wall Street Journal reporter wrote about her attempt to drive a brand-new Kia EV6 from New Orleans to Chicago. She says she spent more time charging the car than sleeping and that, even with the high price of gas, the “fumes never smelled so sweet.”

MEN: Real men aren’t toxic; they’re heroic.

NORWAY: This reminds me of the time when a Canadian lesbian sued a Muslim barber who had refused to cut her hair, because his religion does not allow men to touch women who aren’t relatives. The judge had to figure out which of the nation’s Special Victims was more special than the other.

RUTH SENT US: On the same day that authorities arrested a man intent on murdering Justice Kavanaugh and his family, the pro-abortion activist group, Ruth Sent Us, posted the above on Twitter. Can you think of any legitimate peaceful purpose for them to publicize where and when she attends church or where her kids go to school? Cuz I can’t.

S’TRUTH: Click the link to read Larry Coreia’s fiery and very accurate thread about why we don’t care about the J6 clown show.

WRONG THINK: Welcome to 2022 America, where not agreeing exactly with the personal political opinions of your overlords can cost you $100K or your job.

GRAMMY NOTES: Homeschooling is awesome! The Mascots were so busy unpacking that they didn’t do much schooling, but the public school schedule means nothing, so now they’re organized, their schooling is back on track. This photo of Bunny was taken at a local wildlife preserve. Mama took lots of photos, especially of the informational signs, so they can study in more depth at home. And, of course, go back again!

FACEBOOK SHORT: CLICK for one of the funniest roadside sobriety checks ever. This is an oldie, but a goodie.

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